Infragistics(R) NetAdvantage(R) Web Client: ASP.NET
Infragistics.Web.UI Namespace
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ClassAjaxIndicator Class used for AjaxIndicator of asynchronous postbacks used by Infragistics.Web.UI controls.
ClassAppStylingManagerDesign Summary description for AppStylingManager.
ClassInfragisticsCDN Contains CDN options for the ASP.NET controls
ClassItemTemplate Base Template class used for rendering templates.
ClassItemTemplateCollection Contains the collection of ItemTemplates for use by a navigation control
ClassTemplateContainer Naming container for an instance of a template.
ClassWebScriptManager ScriptManager derived class that enables the javascript IntelliSense for Infragistics ASP.NET Ajax controls and provides CDN support.


InterfaceIClientState Interface implemented by ObjectBase and ControlObject to serialize properties to the client.
InterfaceICollectionObject Interface used by sub objects that will be part of a keyed collection (where each item can be accessed either through a zero based index or a string key)
InterfaceIControlMain Interface implemented by ControlMain class which abstracts various methods so that a control can still function within the framework even if it does not inherit from ControlMain.
InterfaceIDataBoundControl Interface implemented by Controls that support the DataBindingFx. The methods of this interface allow Controls to interact with the Data Binding framework in a type agnostic manner.
InterfaceIObjectBase Interface supported by basic objects to allow restricted access to various methods by other parts of the framework.
InterfaceIProvideAppStyling This interface is implemented by controls that support Application Styling.
InterfaceISupportClientRendering Interface is implemented by controls that support client templates rendering.
InterfaceISupportSpellCheck Interface to make a control compatible with the Infragistics.WebUI.WebSpellChecker


EnumerationAjaxIndicatorBlockArea Option to enable or disable blocking the control or browser's window while async postback. That block element is designed for visual effect and to block mouse.
EnumerationAnimationEquationType Descibes how an animation value should be calculated from start to finish.
EnumerationAutoPostBackFlag Auto postback options for events exposed by a control.
EnumerationBindingType Defines the type of binding for the expression: { binding fieldName} refers to one-way binding while {{ binding fieldName}} refers to two-way binding
EnumerationCheckBoxMode Represents all possible check box modes - off, bi-state or tri-state.
EnumerationCheckBoxState Represents the three possible check box states - checked, unchecked and partial.
EnumerationClientUIFlags Indicates which state flags are set for rendering client state objects.
EnumerationClientUIFlagType Used for Determining the Type of ClientUIFlagType being used by a specific UI Property, such as Selected or Visible.
EnumerationContentOverflow The type and manner in which the contents of a LayoutPane will overflow.
EnumerationDataSourceType Indicates what type of DataSource is associated with the control
EnumerationDefaultableBoolean Defaultable boolean values allow the user to either directly set the value to control a behavior or inherit from a parent object that will be set.
EnumerationMode Represents the mode of a behavior for some control that can be on or off or automatically enabled by the control's logic.
EnumerationMouseStates The client behavior of element related to mouse.
EnumerationRelativeLocation Location of one html element relative to bounds of another html element.
EnumerationRoundedCornersImageID The location of image.
EnumerationRoundedCornersType The type of rounded corners.
EnumerationSlideDirection Direction of slide animation.
EnumerationSortDirection Represents the direction of a sort

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