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RowSelectors Class Members
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WebDataGrid Library > Infragistics.Web.UI Namespace : RowSelectors Class

The following tables list the members exposed by RowSelectors.

Public Constructors

Public ConstructorRowSelectors Constructor  

Public Properties

Public Propertyelement Returns the element assoicated with the item.  
Public Propertyevents  
Public Propertyid  
Public PropertyisInitialized  
Public PropertyisUpdating  
Public Propertyname Gets the name of the behavior.  
Public PropertyrowNumbering Returns whether row numbering is enabled or not.  

Public Methods

Public MethodaddRowSelectorClickedEventHandler Listen for when the grid's row selectors are clicked. For internal use only.  
Public MethodaddSelectorClass Add a new css class to the row selector element.  
Public MethodaddSelectorImage Add a css class containing a new image to the row selector's image area.  
Public MethodbeginUpdate  
Public Methoddispose Disposes of the Row Selectors behavior.  
Public MethodendUpdate  
Public MethodgetSelectorFromElement Searches for a parent row selector element from a child element of the row selector.  
Public MethodgetSelectorFromRow Returns the th element for a row selector for particular row.  
Public Methodinitialize  
Public MethodraisePropertyChanged  
Public MethodremoveSelectorClass Removes a css class from the row selector element  
Public MethodremoveSelectorImage Remove a css class containing image information from the row selector's image area.  
Public Methodupdated  

Public Events

Public Eventdisposing  
Public EventpropertyChanged  

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