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Using WebExplorerBar
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Glossary Item Box

This section is your gateway to important task-based information that will help you to effectively use the various features and functionalities provided by WebExplorerBar™.

WebExplorerBar Smart Tag
This topic introduces WebExplorerBar Smart Tag anchor and pop-up panel, which give the ability to see and set most of the control properties and settings.

Keyboard Navigation
In this topic you can learn how to quickly navigate between the groups and items of WebExplorerBar contol.

Display Modes
The WebExplorerBar™ control has two properties to control the way it behaves, which you can discover here.

WebExplorerBar Height Properties
In this topic you can understand and see examples how to configure the height of WebExplorerBar™ using varied properties.

Setting NavigateURL and Target Properties
The code in the example shows you how to make profit of the WebExplorerBar's items, using them as navigational links.

Binding to an XML Data Source
The WebExplorerBar can bind to hierarchical data source including XML one. Use this topic to see the implementation of an example, which uses XMLDataSource component.

Binding to WebHierarchcialDataSource
The WebExplorerBar can bind to hierarchical data source, displaying each level of the data hierarchy. The control in this example connect to WebHierarchicalDataSource component.

Server-Side Events
In this topic you can discover the list of the WebExplorerBar server-site events.

Selection Behavior
In the example here you can learn how to activate a group or an item from WebExplorerBar control.

ClientSide API
The purpose of this topic is to explain the usage of basic client-side methods of WebExplorerBar control.

Client-Side Events
Here you can find a list with the available client-side events of the WebExplorerBar control.

CSS Class Properties
This topic indicates list of CSS properties that WebExplorerBar provides for customizing control appearance.