Infragistics(R) NetAdvantage(R) ASP.NET
NetAdvantage for ASP.NET Classic Control Migration Guide
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With the move to standardizing on ASP.NET AJAX for NetAdvantage™ for ASP.NET, the following classic controls are released for the last time with NetAdvantage 2011 Volume 1. Starting with NetAdvantage 2011 Volume 2, these classic controls will not be included with the product.

Table 1 lists all the classic controls that will no longer be available and shows which new control is used to achieve comparable functionality built with the ASP.NET AJAX framework.

Table 1: Table showing classic control and corresponding ASP.NET AJAX control

Classic Control Migrate To
WebGrid WebDataGrid/WebHierarchicalDataGrid
WebCombo WebDropDown
WebDateChooser WebDatePicker
WebListBar WebExplorerBar
WebCalendar WebMonthCalendar
WebToolbar WebDataMenu
UltraWebTab WebTab
WebTextEdit WebTextEditor
WebMaskEdit WebMaskEditor
WebNumericEdit WebNumericEditor
WebDateTimeEdit WebDateTimeEditor
WebPercentEdit WebPercentEditor
WebCurrencyEdit WebCurrencyEditor
WebMenu WebDataMenu
WebTree WebDataTree
WebAsyncRefreshPanel ASP.NET AJAX UpdatePanel
WebPanel WebExplorerBar
WebNavBar WebDataMenu
WebGridExcelExporter WebExcelExporter (with WebDataGrid/WebHierarchicalDataGrid)
WebGridDocumentExporter WebDocumentExporter (with WebDataGrid/WebHierarchicalDataGrid)

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