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SectionBase Class Members
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Infragistics.Controls.Editors Namespace : SectionBase Class

The following tables list the members exposed by SectionBase.

Public Properties

public PropertyDisplayChars Returns the display characters of this section.  
public PropertyNextEditSection Returns the next edit section, skipping any literal sections.  
public PropertyNextLiteralSection Returns the next literal section, skipping any edit sections.  
public PropertyNextSection Returns the next section.  
public PropertyPreviousEditSection Returns the previous edit section.  
public PropertyPreviousLiteralSection Returns the previous literal section, skipping any edit sections.  
public PropertyPreviousSection Finds the previous section.  
public PropertySections Returns the sections collection this section belongs to.  

Protected Properties

protected PropertyHasListenersGets whether there are any listeners for the Infragistics.PropertyChangeNotifier.PropertyChanged event (Inherited from Infragistics.PropertyChangeNotifier)

Public Methods

public MethodGetText Returns the text for this section.  
public MethodValidateStringChecks if str is a valid string for this section. Either returns str itself or returns a modified string that is to be displayed. Returns null to indicate that validation failed  

Protected Methods

protected MethodOnFirstListenerAddingVirtual method called when the first listener is being added to the Infragistics.PropertyChangeNotifier.PropertyChanged event. (Inherited from Infragistics.PropertyChangeNotifier)
protected MethodOnHasListenersChanged Virtual method called when the HasListeners property changes. (Inherited from Infragistics.PropertyChangeNotifier)
protected MethodOnPropertyChangedUsed to raise the Infragistics.PropertyChangeNotifier.PropertyChanged event for the specified property name. (Inherited from Infragistics.PropertyChangeNotifier)

Public Events

public EventPropertyChanged Raised when a property has changed (Inherited from Infragistics.PropertyChangeNotifier)

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