Infragistics(R) NetAdvantage(R) : Silverlight 2011.2
Infragistics.Controls.Editors Namespace (InfragisticsSL4.Controls.Editors.XamMaskedInput.v11.2)
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ClassAlphaChar Class for matching alpha characters [A-Za-z]
ClassAlphanumericChar Class for matching alpha and digits [A-Za-z0-9].
ClassAMPMSection Class for AM-PM section of a time mask.
ClassCharacterSet Class for matching an arbitrary set of characters.
ClassDaySection Day section part of a date mask.
ClassDigitChar Class for matching digits.
ClassDisplayCharBase Base type for all DisplayCharacter classes.
ClassDisplayCharsCollection Read-only collection that contains DisplayCharBase derived class instances.
ClassDisplayCharsEditSection This is an edit section that can contain an arbitrary list of editable display characters.
ClassEditModeValidationErrorEventArgs Event arguments for routed event ValueInput.ValidationError
ClassEditSectionBase Abstract base class for non-literal sections.
ClassFractionPart Edit section implementation for a fraction part.
ClassFractionPartContinuous Edit section implementation for a fraction part.
ClassHexDigitChar Class for matching hexadecimal digit.
ClassHourSection Hour section of a time mask.
ClassInputCharBase Class that represents an editable position in the mask edit control
ClassInvalidCharEventArgs InvalidCharEventArgs class for firing XamMaskedInput.InvalidChar event of the XamMaskedInput.
ClassLiteralSection LiteralSection class.
ClassMinuteSection Minute section of a time mask.
ClassMonthSection Month section part of a date mask.
ClassNumberSection A number section that will edit from right to left.
ClassParsedMask A class for applying a mask to data.
ClassSecondSection Second section of a time mask.
ClassSectionBase Abstract base class for all section classes.
ClassSectionsCollection Read-only collection that contains SectionBase derived class instances.
ClassTextInputBase Abstract base class for text based value editors.
ClassValidationErrorInfo Contains error information regarding why a value is invalid.
ClassValueConstraint Contains various constraints that can be applied to a data value.
ClassValueInput An abstract base class that provides functionality for displaying or edit values.
ClassXamCurrencyInput Allows editing of currency data based on a mask.
ClassXamMaskedInput Value editor for displaying and editing data based on a mask.
ClassXamNumericInput Allows editing of numeric data based on a mask.
ClassYearSection Year section of a date mask.


InterfaceISupportsSelectableText Interface implemented by ValueInput derived classes that support selecting text.


EnumerationAutoFillDate Used for specifying XamMaskedInput's XamMaskedInput.AutoFillDate property.
EnumerationDisplayCharIncludeMethod This enumeration is used to specify the value for DisplayCharBase.IncludeMethod property. It dictates how a value of a DisplayChar is included when applying mask to get the text.
EnumerationDropDownButtonDisplayMode Used for specifying a value that controls when a drop-down button is displayed.
EnumerationEditOrientation Enum associated with the EditSectionBase.Orientation property of the EditSectionBase class.
EnumerationInputMaskMode Used for specifying the mode to be applied when getting text from a MaskedInput.
EnumerationInvalidValueBehavior Specifies the ValueInput.InvalidValueBehavior property.
EnumerationMaskedEditTabNavigation Used for specifying XamMaskedInput's XamMaskedInput.SectionTabNavigation property.
EnumerationMaskSelectAllBehavior Used for specifying XamMaskedInput's XamMaskedInput.SelectAllBehavior property.
EnumerationSpinButtonDisplayMode Used for specifying the XamMaskedInput's XamMaskedInput.SpinButtonDisplayMode property.
EnumerationValidateAsType Used to specify how the ValueConstraint class should validate a value. Each of these values represents a data type which has implicit constraints, such as a minimal value, etc. Those constraints are used by the ValueConstraint.Validate method to enforce data validity.
EnumerationValueConstraintFlags Used for specifying which constraints should be applied to the input value of the ValueConstraint.Validate method.

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