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Comment Property
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Infragistics.Documents.Excel Namespace > WorksheetCell Class : Comment Property

Gets or sets the comment applied to the cell.


Visual Basic (Declaration) 
Public Property Comment As WorksheetCellComment
public WorksheetCellComment Comment {get; set;}

Property Value

The comment applied to the cell.


System.InvalidOperationException The value applied only has only one anchor cell set. It should have both or neither anchor cells set.
System.InvalidOperationException The value has its and anchors set but they are from different worksheets.


Note: it is slightly faster to use the WorksheetRow.GetCellComment or WorksheetRow.SetCellComment methods, which do not create WorksheetCell instances internally. However, if a reference to the WorksheetCell instance already exists, using this property is equivalent to using the WorksheetRow.GetCellComment or WorksheetRow.SetCellComment methods.

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