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Adding Separators between XamMenuItems
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Glossary Item Box

Separator lines help to distinguish the different options in your xamMenu or xamContextMenu control. Adding a separator requires creating a xamMenuSeparator object and adding it to the items collection.

The following code shows you how to add separators between items in xamMenu.


<ig:XamMenu x:Name="xamMenu1" Height="25">
   <ig:XamMenuItem Header="File">
       <ig:XamMenuItem Header="New" />
       <ig:XamMenuItem Header="Open" />
       <!-- Separator line-->
       <ig:XamMenuSeparator />
       <ig:XamMenuItem Header="Exit" />

In Visual Basic:

' Add separator
Dim separator1 As New XamMenuSeparator()

In C#:

// Add separator
XamMenuSeparator separator1 = new XamMenuSeparator();

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