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Working with ScaleBreaks Collection
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The xamTagCloud™ control contains a ScaleBreak collection which allows you to group a range of weight values on the same scale break. For example, if you have a large collection of cloud items with a significant range of weight values, you could create a scale break to apply the same weight to all cloud items with a weight ranging from 1 to 50.

Each ScaleBreak contains the following properties:

The following code demonstrates how set scale breaks.


<ig:XamTagCloud MaxScale="5" MinScale="1" x:Name="myTagCloud">
      <ig:ScaleBreak StartWeight="1" EndWeight="10" Weight="1"/>
      <ig:ScaleBreak StartWeight="11" EndWeight="20" Weight="2"/>

In Visual Basic:

Dim scaleBreak1 As New ScaleBreak With {.StartWeight = 1, .EndWeight = 5, .Weight = 1}

Dim scaleBreak2 As New ScaleBreak With {.StartWeight = 6, .EndWeight = 10, .Weight = 2}


In C#:

ScaleBreak scaleBreak1 = new ScaleBreak {StartWeight=1, EndWeight=5, Weight=1};

ScaleBreak scaleBreak2 = new ScaleBreak {StartWeight=6, EndWeight=10, Weight=2};
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