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About Animations

The xamTileManager™ allows you to change or disable the default animations for tile positioning and/or resizing.

You can disable the animations by setting the NormalModeSettings and/or MaximizedModeSettings object's ShouldAnimate property to False. If you disable animations, xamTileManager will also ignore any custom animations you supply.

If you want to set custom animation timings, you can set the NormalModeSettings and/or MaximizedModeSettings object's RepositionAnimation and ResizeAnimation properties to objects that derive from the DoubleAnimationBase class. The double animation you provide should animate a double value from 0 to 1. However, you can temporarily go beyond this range using a DoubleAnimationUsingKeyFrames object as long as the last key frame ends with a value of 1. You can find a code example that demonstrates setting the RepositionAnimation and ResizeAnimation properties in the API Reference Guide

Note: The resize animation is applied when xamTileManager has to resize tiles between state transitions. The resize animation does not get applied when your end users resize a tile using the resizing indicators. However, if resizing a tile causes other tiles to come into view or move into a new column or row, the reposition animation will get applied.

The xamTileManager applies animations in the following circumstances:

Reposition Animation in Normal Mode

Resize Animation in Normal Mode (applied only when the size of a tile changes during a transition)

Reposition Animation in Maximized Mode

Resize Animation in Maximized Mode (applied only when the size of a tile changes during a transition)


To receive notifications when the animation starts or ends hook at the following events:

To obtain the current state of the animation, use the IsAnimationInProgress property (Boolean, read-only).

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