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Restrict a XamTile's Size

The xamTileManager™ allows you to restrict a tile's size based on its state. The NormalModeSettings object exposes a TileConstraints property that you can use to restrict the height and width of tiles in normal mode. The MaximizedModeSettings object exposes MaximizedTileConstraints, MinimizedTileConstraints and MinimizedExpandedTileConstraints properties that you can use to restrict the height and width of tiles in maximized, minimized and minimized-expanded mode, respectively.

When you set a NormalModeSettings or MaximizedModeSettings object's properties, the settings apply to all tiles. However, if you want granular control over each tile's constraints, you can set constraints directly on a XamTile object by setting xamTileManager's attached Constraints, ConstraintsMaximized, ConstraintsMinimized and ConstraintsMinimizedExpanded properties. You can use this approach also for adding items that derive from the DependencyObject class.

The size constraints take precedence over all the other size-related settings. Neither xamTileManager nor your end users will be able to resize a tile beyond its constraints. If a xamTileManager feature requires the control to resize a tile, the size constraints will affect the behavior of that feature. For example, if you set the NormalModeSettings object's ShowAllTiles property to True and you set minimum size constraints, xamTileManager may not be able to fit all the tiles into the viewable area since the tiles cannot be resized past the tile constraints.

The following example code demonstrates how to restrict a tile's size using the tile constraints.


<ig:XamTileManager Name="xamTileManager1">
                    MinHeight="200" />

                <ig:TileConstraints MaxHeight="100" MinHeight="100" />

                <ig:TileConstraints MaxHeight="200" MinHeight="100" />


    <!-- TODO: Add tiles here-->

In Visual Basic:

Imports Infragistics.Controls.Layouts
Dim normTileConstraints As New TileConstraints With _
    {.PreferredWidth = 300, .PreferredHeight = 300, .MinHeight = 200, .MinWidth = 200, MaxHeight = 400, .MaxWidth = 400}

Dim minTileConstraints As New TileConstraints With _
    {.MaxHeight = 100, .MaxWidth = 100}

Dim minExpTileConstraints As New TileConstraints With _
    {.MaxHeight = 200, .MaxWidth = 100}

If Me.xamTileManager.MaximizedModeSettings Is Nothing Then
    Me.xamTileManager1.MaximizedModeSettings = New MaximizedModeSettings()
End If

If Me.xamTileManager1.NormalModeSettings Is Nothing Then
    Me.xamTileManager1.NormalModeSettings = New NormalModeSettings()
End If

Me.xamTileManager1.NormalModeSettings.TileConstraints = _

Me.xamTileManager1.MaximizedModeSettings.MinimizedTileConstraints = _
Me.xamTileManager1.MaximizedModeSettings.MinimizedExpandedTileConstraints = _

In C#:

using Infragistics.Controls.Layouts;
TileConstraints normTileConstraints = new TileConstraints
    PreferredWidth = 300,
    PreferredHeight = 300,
    MinHeight = 200,
    MinWidth = 200,
    MaxHeight = 400,
    MaxWidth = 400

TileConstraints minTileConstraints = new TileConstraints
    MaxHeight = 100,
    MinHeight = 100

TileConstraints minExpTileConstraints = new TileConstraints
    MaxHeight = 200,
    MinHeight = 100

if (this.xamTileManager1.MaximizedModeSettings == null)
    this.xamTileManager1.MaximizedModeSettings =
        new MaximizedModeSettings();

if (this.xamTileManager1.NormalModeSettings == null)
    this.xamTileManager1.NormalModeSettings =
        new NormalModeSettings();

this.xamTileManager1.NormalModeSettings.TileConstraints =

this.xamTileManager1.MaximizedModeSettings.MinimizedTileConstraints =
this.xamTileManager1.MaximizedModeSettings.MinimizedExpandedTileConstraints =
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