Infragistics(R) NetAdvantage(R) Windows Forms
ComboEventIds Enumeration
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Infragistics.Win.UltraWinGrid Namespace : ComboEventIds Enumeration

Uniquely identifies each UltraCombo specific event


Visual Basic (Declaration) 
Public Enum ComboEventIds 
   Inherits System.Enum
public enum ComboEventIds : System.Enum 


AfterBandHiddenChangedEvent id that identifies AfterBandHiddenChanged event.
AfterCloseUp Fired after the list is closed up
AfterColPosChanged event id that identifies AfterColPosChanged event
AfterDropDown Fired after the list is dropped down
AfterEditorButtonCheckStateChanged event id that identifies AfterEditorButtonCheckStateChanged event
AfterEditorButtonCloseUp event id that identifies AfterEditorButtonCloseUp event
AfterHeaderCheckStateChangedEvent id that identifies the AfterHeaderCheckStateChanged event.
AfterRowFilterChanged event id that identifies AfterRowFilterChanged event
AfterRowFilterDropDownPopulate event id that identifies AfterRowFilterDropDownPopulate event
AfterSortChange event id that identifies AfterSortChange event
BeforeBandHiddenChangedEvent id that identifies BeforeBandHiddenChanged event.
BeforeColPosChanged event id that identifies BeforeColPosChanged event
BeforeColumnChooserDisplayedEvent id that identifies BeforeColumnChooserDisplayed event.
BeforeCustomRowFilterDialog event id that identifies BeforeCustomRowFilterDialog event
BeforeDropDown Fired before the list is dropped down
BeforeEditorButtonCheckStateChanged event id that identifies BeforeEditorButtonCheckStateChanged event
BeforeEditorButtonDropDown event id that identifies BeforeEditorButtonDropDown event
BeforeHeaderCheckStateChangedEvent id that identifies the BeforeHeaderCheckStateChanged event.
BeforeRowFilterChanged event id that identifies BeforeRowFilterChanged event
BeforeRowFilterDropDown event id that identifies BeforeRowFilterDropDown event
BeforeRowFilterDropDownPopulate event id that identifies BeforeRowFilterDropDownPopulate event
BeforeSortChange event id that identifies BeforeSortChange event
EditorButtonClick event id that identifies EditorButtonClick event
EditorSpinButtonClick event id that identifies EditorSpinButtonClick event
FilterCellValueChangedEvent id that identifies FilterCellValueChanged event.
FilterRow event id that identifies FilterRow event
InitializeEditorButtonCheckState event id that identifies InitializeEditorButtonCheckState event
InitializeLayout Fired when a layout is initialized
InitializeRow Fired when a row is initialized
InitializeRowsCollectionEvent id that identifies InitializeRowsCollection event.
ItemNotInList Fired before the Validating event whenever the text value in the editor portion of the control is not a value in the control’s valuelist.
MouseEnterElement event id that identifies MouseEnterElement event
MouseLeaveElement event id that identifies MouseLeaveElement event
RowSelected fired when a new row is selected
ValueChanged Fired when the value property has changed

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