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PropertyCategories Enumeration
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Infragistics.Win.UltraWinGrid Namespace : PropertyCategories Enumeration

Category Properties


Visual Basic (Declaration) 
Public Enum PropertyCategories 
   Inherits System.Enum
public enum PropertyCategories : System.Enum 


All Include everything.
AppearanceCollectionThe UltraGridLayout.Appearances collection.
Bands The Bands collection of the grid. Bands implicitly includes all bound columns within each band, but not unbound columns; UnboundColumns is a separate enum value. Specifying Groups, UnboundColumns, SortedColumns, Summaries, or ColumnFilters implicitly includes Bands.
ColScrollRegions The ColScrollRegions collection of the UltraGridLayout.
ColumnFilters The ColumnFilters collection of the UltraGridBand. Specifying ColumnFilters implicitly includes Bands. NOTE: ColumnFilters may be stored on the rows collection instead of on the Band, depending on the RowFilterMode property. ColumnFilters on the Rows collection cannot be saved or loaded as part of a layout.
General Serializes properties and sub-objects of the UltraGridLayout that are not explicitly listed in this enum. This includes (but is not neccessarily limited to) Override, GroupByBox, AddNewBox, Tag, SplitterBarHorizontalAppearance, SplitterBarVerticalAppearance, CaptionAppearance, Appearance, BorderStyleCaption, and ScrollBarLook.
Groups The Groups collection of the UltraGridBand. Specifying Groups implicitly includes Bands.
RowScrollRegions The RowScrollRegions collection of the UltraGridLayout.
SortedColumns The SortedColumns collection on the UltraGridBand. This determines the SortIndicator on each column. Specifying SortedColumns implicitly includes Bands.
Summaries The Summaries collection of the UltraGridBand. Specifying Summaries implicitly includes Bands.
UnboundColumns The Unbound columns within each band. Specifying UnboundColumns implicitly includes Bands (which implicitly includes all bound columns).
ValueLists The ValueLists collection on the DisplayLayout. If Bands is also specified, this also include the ValueList property of each column.

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