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AutoSizeControlBase Class
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Infragistics.Win.Misc Namespace : AutoSizeControlBase Class

Abstract base control class for controls that automatically size based on their contents.


Visual Basic (Declaration) 
Public MustInherit Class AutoSizeControlBase 
   Inherits ControlBase
   Implements Infragistics.Win.AppStyling.ISupportAppStyling, Infragistics.Win.IImageListProvider, Infragistics.Win.IUltraControl, Infragistics.Win.IUltraControlElement 
public abstract class AutoSizeControlBase : ControlBase, Infragistics.Win.AppStyling.ISupportAppStyling, Infragistics.Win.IImageListProvider, Infragistics.Win.IUltraControl, Infragistics.Win.IUltraControlElement  


The AutoSizeControlBase class is an abstract base class for a control that will size based on its contents, which is usually the image and text. The AutoSizeControlBase.AutoSize property will determine if autosizing is enabled. When set to true, the control will be sized based on the System.Windows.Forms.Control.PreferredSize.

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