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ErrorAppearance Property
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Infragistics.Win.Misc Namespace > ValidationSettings Class : ErrorAppearance Property

Gets/sets the appearance which is used by embeddable elements when the current value is not valid.


Visual Basic (Declaration) 
Public Property ErrorAppearance As Infragistics.Win.AppearanceBase
public Infragistics.Win.AppearanceBase ErrorAppearance {get; set;}


The ErrorAppearance property is only applicable to embeddable editors. When a property of the ErrorAppearance is explicitly set, any associated embeddable editor elements will use that property setting if it is applicable to that editor, and if the current value fails validation. While the ValidationTrigger property determines the event that initiates a validation, the ErrorAppearance is applied at all times. For example, if the ValidationSettings instance with which an embeddable editor is associated is set to validate in response to the editor's BeforeExitEditMode event, and no edit mode session has yet transpired, the ErrorAppearance will still be applied to the embeddable editor if the current value fails validation.

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