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Infragistics.Win Namespace
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ClassAccessibleObjectWrapper Represents an object that will expose information via accessibility.
ClassAccessibleObjectWrapper.UltraAccessibleObject A synchronized child accessible object
ClassAdjustableUIElement Abstract base class derived by classes that want to support letting the user resize or move the element via the mouse
ClassAppearance A class that contains a set of properties related to the visual appearance of an object.
ClassAppearance.AppearanceCursorConverter Custom System.Windows.Forms.CursorConverter class
ClassAppearance.AppearanceImageTypeConverter Appearance Image property type converter.
ClassAppearance.AppearanceTypeConverter Appearance object type converter.
ClassAppearanceBase An abstract base class that is used to expose apperance related properties.
ClassAppearanceEnumerator Enumerator for the AppearanceCollection
ClassAppearanceHolder AppearanceHolder is used internally by a class that will expose one or more Appearance properties and an Appearances collection. During serialization the AppearanceHolder will serialize either the Appearance object or, if the Appearance is a member of the collection, its key or id. This is because the Appearance object will get serialized as part of the collection.
ClassAppearancesCollection A collection of Appearance objects.
ClassAppearancesManager Class for managing multiple appearance properties.
ClassBeforeExitEditModeEventArgs Event parameters used for when an event is raised by an embeddable element.
ClassBindableValueList Represents a ValueList with support for databinding.
ClassButtonUIElement Element that behaves like a command button.
ClassButtonUIElementBase Abstract base class for button elements.
ClassButtonUIElementBase.ButtonElementAccessibleObject Accessible object that represents a button element.
ClassButtonWithTextUIElementBase Abstract base class for button elements that can have text (e.g. command buttons, checkboxs and option buttons.
ClassCheckBoxImageGlyphInfo The CheckBoxGlyphInfo object handles the drawing of CheckBox glyphs in various states
ClassCheckBoxUIElement Element that behaves like a check box control.
ClassCheckBoxWithImageUIElement Summary description for CheckBoxUIElementWithImage.
ClassCheckEditor Embeddable CheckBox Editor class.
ClassCheckEditorCheckBoxUIElement CheckEditorCheckBoxUIElement, derived from CheckBoxWithImageUIElement provides customized UI functionality for the CheckEditor class.
ClassCheckEditorImageAndTextButtonUIElement CheckEditorImageAndTextButtonUIElement, provides statebutton functionality for CheckEditor.
ClassCheckedValueListItemsCollection Collection class for ValueListItems whose CheckState property returns 'Checked'.
ClassCheckIndicatorUIElement The element that renders itself a the check indicator in a checkbox
ClassColorBoxUIElement ColorBoxUIElement, provides color 'box' area in ColorPicker editor.
ClassColorListBox ColorListBox, emulates the visual studio color listbox designer.
ClassColorPickerEditor ColorPickerEditor facilitates the choosing of colors.
ClassComplementCondition A class implementing ICondition that evaluates a value based on the opposite of another condition.
ClassComplementCondition.ComplementConditionTypeConverter Type converter for ComplementCondition.
ClassConditionGroup A class implementing ICondition that can contain multiple instances of ICondition.
ClassConditionGroup.ConditionGroupTypeConverter Type converter for ConditionGroup.
ClassConditionValueAppearance A class that allows for maintaining a group of condition/appearance mappings.
ClassConditionValueAppearance.ConditionValueAppearanceTypeConverter ConditionValueAppearance type converter.
ClassContainedInListCondition A class implementing ICondition which provides a way to determine whether a value matches the data value or display text of an item in a list.
ClassContainedInListCondition.ContainedInListConditionTypeConverter Type converter for ContainedInListCondition.
ClassControlContainerEditor An embeddable editor class which can contain other controls to allow any control to be used in a grid cell or other editor host.
ClassControlUIElementBase An abstract class representing the main element of a control.
ClassCustomColor Custom Color is a serializable color item.
ClassCustomColorBox This control simulates the functionality of the Office 2000/XP color chooser.
ClassCustomColorBoxAutomaticTrackingButtonUIElement CustomColorBoxAutomaticTrackingButtonUIElement. A color box that highlights/draws border around itself when the mouse is over it.
ClassCustomColorBoxChildElement Base class for a button element displayed in a custom colorbox control.
ClassCustomColorBoxHotTrackingButtonUIElement Summary description for CustomColorBoxHotTrackingButtonUIElement.
ClassCustomColorBoxSpecialButtonUIElement Button element for a CustomColorBox that displays a color box and some associated text.
ClassCustomColorBoxUIElement Summary description for UltraCustomColorChooserUIElement.
ClassCustomToggleButton Summary Description for Custom toggle button
ClassDataBindingUtils Internal.
ClassDataFilterException Custom exception thrown if user code in IEditorDataFilter.Convert throws an exception.
ClassDateTimeEditor DateTimeEditor class implementation
ClassDateTimeEditorDropDownButtonUIElement The UIElement used to represent the DateTimeEditor's dropdown button
ClassDateTimeEditorUIElement DateTimeEditorUIElement class
ClassDependentImageAndTextButtonUIElement An ImageAndTextUIElement that gets the information required to render from an object that implements the IUIElementImageAndTextProvider interface
ClassDependentImageUIElement An image UIElement that gets the image related information from an object that implements the IUIElementImageProvider interface.
ClassDependentTextUIElement A text UIElement that gets the text related information from an object that implements the IUIElementTextProvider interface.
ClassDesktopAlertWindowForm Top-level form used to host instances of the window displayed by the UltraDesktopAlert component.
ClassDesktopAlertWindowFormBase Top-level form used to host instances of the window displayed by the UltraDesktopAlert component.
ClassDragDropIndicatorManager Class for managing the display of drag drop indicators
ClassDragDropIndicatorSettings This class encapsulates all the customization information related to the drop indicators
ClassDragIndicatorControl Control used to display an element that is being dragged
ClassDrawCache The DrawCache class is used during a drawing operation to cache pens and brushes. It also provides alpha blending staging and consolidation.
ClassDrawUtility Contains some static utility drawing methods
ClassDrawValueListItemEventArgs DrawValueListItemEventArgs
ClassDropDownButtonUIElement A drop down button UI element
ClassDropDownManager The DropDownManager class exposes static properties, methods and events for creating a dropdown window and closing it up when the user clicks outside of the owning control.
ClassDropDownManager.ActivationChangedEventArgs Event parameters used for the ActivationChanged event
ClassDropDownManager.AutoCloseUpInfo Used to determine if the mouse message that caused a close up should be
ClassDropDownManager.DropDownForm A form used as a parent for controls that will be dropped down.
ClassDropDownManager.DropDownFormBase A form used as a parent for controls that will be dropped down.
ClassDropDownResizeHandleUIElement Provides a grab handle UI element that interacts with a form implementing DropDownManager.DropDownFormBase to provide resize functionality; this class should only be instantiated as a child element of this form.
ClassDropIndicatorControl Control used to display a drop point indication.
ClassEditorCheckedListSettings Exposes properties which control the behavior of the checkboxes displayed in the dropdown list used by the EditorWithCombo embeddable editor.
ClassEditorCheckedListSettings.CheckStateChangedEventArgs Contains information about the ICheckedItemList.CheckStateChanged event.
ClassEditorDataFilterConvertArgs Method arguments for data filter Convert() method.
ClassEditorWithCombo EmbeddableEditorBase-derived editor which provides the functionality of a ComboBox.
ClassEditorWithCombo.AutoCompleteInfo This class supports the Infragistics framework and is not intended to be used externally.
ClassEditorWithComboDropDownButtonUIElement The UIElement used to represent the EditorWithCombo's dropdown button
ClassEditorWithComboUIElement EmbeddableEditorUIElement for the EditorWithCombo class
ClassEditorWithMask MaskedEdit class
ClassEditorWithMaskEmbeddableUIElement EmbeddableUIElementBase implementation for EditorWithMask editor.
ClassEditorWithText EditorWithText class implementation
ClassEditorWithTextAndDropDownBase A generic Text Editor with a non-list dropdown portion. Allows the user to drop down any Control based class.
ClassEditorWithTextAndDropDownUIElementBase EditorWithTextUIElement class
ClassEditorWithTextDisplayTextUIElement EditorWithTextDisplayTextUIElement class
ClassEditorWithTextOverflowIndicatorUIElement Displays an overflow indicator in the EditorWithText when appropriate.
ClassEditorWithTextUIElement EditorWithTextUIElement class
ClassEmbeddableCheckUIElement EmbeddableCheckUIElement, an embeddable check user interface element. Can be embedded in any UI that supports embeddable elements.
ClassEmbeddableClickEventArgs Event parameters used for when an event is raised by an embeddable element.
ClassEmbeddableColorPickerUIElement The class used to provide an embeddable element for the ColorPickerEditor.
ClassEmbeddableEditorBase An abstract base class for embeddable editors.
ClassEmbeddableEditorBase.EmbeddableEditorAccessibleObject Base class for the accessible object that will represent an editor for a specific instance of an owner's object.
ClassEmbeddableEditorBase.EmbeddableEditorAccessibleObject.EditorChildAccessibleObject Base accessible object for children of an embeddable editor.
ClassEmbeddableEditorBase.EmbeddableEditorComponentConverter Type converter used to determine which components should appear in the type editor for an EditorComponent property.
ClassEmbeddableEditorBase.EmbeddableEditorControlConverter Type converter used to determine which controls should appear in the type editor for an EditorControl property.
ClassEmbeddableEditorOwnerBase Implemented by an object that can embed an EmbeddableEditor to render a value.
ClassEmbeddableImageRenderer Summary description for EmbeddableImageRenderer.
ClassEmbeddableImageRendererUIElement Embeddable ui element for the EmbeddableImageRenderer.
ClassEmbeddableMouseDownEventArgs Event parameters used for when an event is raised by an embeddable element.
ClassEmbeddableMouseEventArgs Event parameters used for when an event is raised by an embeddable element.
ClassEmbeddableTextBox Summary description for EmbeddableTextBox.
ClassEmbeddableTextBoxWithUIPermissions Derives from EmbeddableTextBox. The only difference between the two is that this class overrides PreProcessMessage to prevent beeping when the TAB, ENTER or ESCAPE keys are pressed. If the user has appropriate UI permissions, this class should be used rather than the EmbeddableTextBox class
ClassEmbeddableUIElementBase An abstract base class used by objects that implement EmbeddableEditor to embed an element to render a value.
ClassExpansionIndicatorUIElement ExpansionIndicatorUIElement.
ClassFindElementEvaluator Class used to define how to find an element
ClassFontData The FontData class is used to hold font properties (e.g. Bold, Italic, Name etc.) on appearances. It allows the overriding of individual properties. For example, if a control's base font was set to "MS San Serif" 8.5pt. An appearance could override the Bold property to true and get a bold font without having to specify the name and size since that would be picked up from the base font.
ClassFontNameEditor FontNameEditor class implementation
ClassFormatProviderEditor class to show dialog for nodes collection property
ClassFormatProviderPropertyEditor FormatProviderPropertyEditor - TypeEditor for properties of type IFormatInfo
ClassFormatProviderTypeConverter TypeConverter for IFormatProvider
ClassFormulaCondition A class implementing ICondition providing a means of comparison through a formula.
ClassFormulaCondition.FormulaConditionTypeConverter Type converter for FormulaCondition.
ClassGlyphInfoBase Base class that handles the drawing of CheckBox and / or Radio button glyphs in various states.
ClassGlyphInfoBase.GlyphInfoTypeConverter GlyphInfo type converter.
ClassHeaderUIElementBase HeaderUIElementBase
ClassIConditionTypeConverter TypeConverter-derived class which provides support for converting objects that implement the ICondition interface.
ClassIGEmptyContextMenuStrip ContextMenuStrip class used internally to prevent the .NET Framework from displaying the ContextMenu/ContextMenuStrip of parent controls. Singleton pattern used.
ClassIGEmptyContextMenuStrip.ReadOnlyToolStripItemCollection A custom ReadOnlyToolStripItemCollection which always contains zero items.
ClassIGPanel Base class derived from System.Windows.Forms.Panel that supports AutoScroll without scrolling the background.
ClassImageAndFormattedTextUIElement UIElement for displaying both an image and formatted text.
ClassImageAndFormattedTextUIElement.ImageAndFormattedTextDependentImageUIElement An image uielement for use by an ImageAndFormattedTextUIElement
ClassImageAndFormattedTextUIElement.ImageAndFormattedTextDependentTextUIElement A text uielement for use by an ImageAndFormattedTextUIElement
ClassImageAndFormattedTextUIElementEx UIElement for displaying image and formatted text.
ClassImageAndTextButtonExUIElement Button uielement representing a button with image and text.
ClassImageAndTextButtonUIElement A button element that displays text and an image.
ClassImageAndTextButtonUIElementBase ImageAndTextButtonUIElementBase
ClassImageAndTextUIElement UIElement for displaying both an image and text.
ClassImageAndTextUIElement.ImageAndTextDependentImageUIElement An image uielement for use by an ImageAndTextUIElement
ClassImageAndTextUIElement.ImageAndTextDependentTextUIElement A text uielement for use by an ImageAndTextUIElement
ClassImageAndTextUIElementEx UIElement for displaying image and text.
ClassImageBackgroundStretchMargins Class that defines margins for drawing an Appearance.ImageBackground when the Appearance.ImageBackgroundStyle is set to Stretched.
ClassImageBackgroundStretchMargins.ImageBackgroundStretchMarginsConverter ImageBackgroundStretchMarginsConverter
ClassImageBackgroundStretchMarginsPreviewForm Summary description for ImageBackgroundStretchMarginsPreviewForm.
ClassImageBackgroundStretchMarginsTypeEditor Shows the ImageBackground Stretch Margins editor.
ClassImageBackgroundStretchMarginsTypeEditorForm Summary description for ImageBackgroundStretchMarginsTypeEditor.
ClassImageCaptureDialog Dialog used to select an area of the screen to capture in a Bitmap
ClassImageGlyphInfo Base class that handles the drawing of CheckBox and / or Radio button glyphs in various states.
ClassImageManager Helper class for dealing with images.
ClassImagePreview ImagePreview control
ClassImageRegion A disposable class for managing region information created from an image.
ClassImageUIElement An element that displays a foreground image.
ClassImageUIElementBase An abstract UIElement used to draw a foreground image.
ClassImageUIElementBase.ImageElementAccessibleObject Accessible object that represents a text element.
ClassInitializeDataItemEventArgs Event argument class used when a databound item is created.
ClassInkEditorPopupButtonUIElement Summary description for InkEditorPopupButtonUIElement.
ClassInkProviderManager Summary description for InkProviderManager.
ClassIValueListTypeConverter A type converter used for value lists.
ClassKeyActionMappingBase abstract base class that maps a keystroke to an action
ClassKeyActionMappingsBase An abtract collection class of KeyActionMappingBase objects.
ClassLinkedAppearance An object that exposes the properties of an Appearance object.
ClassLinkedAppearance.LinkedAppearanceTypeConverter Appearance object type converter.
ClassManagedContainerControlBase Abstract base control class for container controls managed by an UltraComponentControlManagerBase component.
ClassManagedControlBase Abstract base control class for controls managed by an UltraComponentControlManagerBase component.
ClassMargins Store margin information.
ClassMargins.MarginsTypeConverter MarginsTypeConverter
ClassMaskTypeConverter Type converter for displaying standard masks.
ClassMaskUITypeEditor UITypeEditor for MaskInput property.
ClassMathUtilities Utility class containing static mathmatical helper functions
ClassMeasureValueListItemEventArgs MeasureValueListItemEventArgs
ClassMenuItemDefinition An abstract class for creating menu structure.
ClassMicrosoftColorTable Abstract base class for Office2003ColorTable and VisualStudio2005ColorTable
ClassMonthDropDown Constructor
ClassMonthDropDownWithUIPermissions Constructor
ClassNamedComponentManager For Interal Use Only
ClassOffice2003Colors Class containing static color properties representing the colors used by the Microsoft Office 2003 products. Office2003ColorTable.Colors is the new way to retrieve the Office2003 color scheme. Office2003Colors is maintained for backward compatability.
ClassOffice2003ColorTable Class containing color properties representing the colors used by the Microsoft Office 2003 products.
ClassOffice2007ColorSchemeChangedNotifier Provides a way to hook the Office2007ColorTable.ColorSchemeChanged event without triggering creation of an instance (which has some overhead).
ClassOffice2007ColorTable Class containing color properties representing the colors used by the Microsoft Office 2007 products.
ClassOffice2010ColorSchemeChangedNotifier Provides a way to hook the Office2010ColorTable.ColorSchemeChanged event without triggering creation of an instance (which has some overhead).
ClassOffice2010ColorTable Class containing color properties representing the colors used by the Office 2010.
ClassOperatorCondition A class implementing ICondition providing several common comparison types.
ClassOperatorCondition.OperatorConditionTypeConverter Type converter for OperatorCondition.
ClassOptionButtonIndicatorUIElement OptionButtonIndicatorUIElement
ClassOptionButtonUIElement OptionButtonUIElement
ClassOptionButtonWithImageUIElement OptionButtonWithImageUIElement, option button element that also supports an image.
ClassOptionSetEditor Option Set Editor is an editor that binds to a value list. It renders selection by showing the selected item as checked
ClassOptionSetEmbeddableUIElement Summary Description for OptionSetEmbeddableUIElement
ClassOptionSetOptionButtonUIElement Summary Description for OptionSetOptionButtonUIElement
ClassPopupInfo Implemented by an object that provides popup information to an IPopupItemProvider
ClassPresetObjectWrapper Object used to filter the properties of an object based on the ISupportPresets interface
ClassPresetSerializer Class for serializing and deserializing the properties of an object implementing the ISupportPresets interface
ClassPropertyChangedEventArgs Event parameters used for the PropertyChanged event
ClassPropertyNameUITypeEditor UITypeEditor which provides a list of common bindable property names for the given list of controls..
ClassRadioButtonImageGlyphInfo The RadioButtonGlyphInfo object handles the drawing of Radiobutton glyphs in various states.
ClassRangeCondition A class implementing ICondition which provides a way to determine whether a value lies within a given range.
ClassRangeCondition.RangeConditionTypeConverter Type converter for RangeCondition.
ClassResources Exposes a T:Infragistics.Shared.ResourceCustomizer instance for this assembly.
ClassScenicRibbonColorTable Class containing color properties representing the colors used by the Scenic Ribbon.
ClassScrollbarIntersectionUIElement This element occupies the square area at the lower right corner where a verticaal and horizontal scrollbar meet
ClassScrollButtonUIElement Element that behaves like a scrollbar button.
ClassSelectionStrategyBase Abstract base class derived by a set of classes to handle None, Single and Extended selection strategies.
ClassSelectionStrategyContiguous Selection strategy that only allows contiguous selection and does not allow unselecting an item by control-clicking on it.
ClassSelectionStrategyExtended Strategy used for multiple selection of items. at any time.
ClassSelectionStrategyExtendedAutoDrag Strategy used when multiple items can be selected but pressing the left button and dragging does not select other items but instead starts dragging the selected item immediately. This is how Windows Explorer works.
ClassSelectionStrategyNone Strategy used when selection is not supported
ClassSelectionStrategySingle Strategy used when only a single item can be selected at any time.
ClassSelectionStrategySingleAutoDrag Strategy used when only a single item can be selected and pressing the left button and dragging does not select other items but instead starts dragging the selected item immediately.
ClassShadowManager ShadowManager places shadows around a top level form a specified rectangle.
ClassSpinButtonUIElement SpinButtonUIElement
ClassSpinScrollButtonUIElement Scroll buttons for the spin button uielement.
ClassSplitterIntersectionUIElement An element at the intersection of a vertical and horizontal slippter element
ClassSplitterUIElement This is an abstract base call used for either vertical or or horizontal splitter elements
ClassStandardGlyphInfo Base class for glyph info objects that draw standard windows-style glyphs.
ClassSubObjectBaseWithAppearanceManager Abstract class for a SubObjectBase with the abilty to manage multiple appearances.
ClassSubObjectsDictionaryBase<TKey,TValue> Abstract class which wraps a Dictionary whose values are derived from T:Infragistics.Shared.SubObjectBase.
ClassTabbedColorPicker Summary description for TabbedColorPicker.
ClassTabHighlightUIElement UIElement representing the highlight area around a tab
ClassTextOrientationInfo Immutable class which defines the rotation and flow direction of text.
ClassTextProviderBase Abstract base class for text providers. Implements most methods with default implementations
ClassTextUIElement A text UIElement that exposes a text property.
ClassTextUIElementBase An abstract base class for text uielements
ClassTextUIElementBase.TextElementAccessibleObject Accessible object that represents a text element.
ClassThemedButton ThemedButton
ClassThemedComboBox ThemedComboBox
ClassThemedEdit ThemedEdit
ClassThemedExplorer ThemedExplorer
ClassThemedHeader ThemedHeader
ClassThemedListView ThemedListView
ClassThemedPage ThemedPage
ClassThemedProgress ThemedProgress
ClassThemedRebar ThemedRebar
ClassThemedScrollBar ThemedScrollBar
ClassThemedSpinButton ThemedSpinButton
ClassThemedStatusBar ThemedStatusBar
ClassThemedTab ThemedTab
ClassThemedToolbar ThemedToolbar
ClassThemedTrackBar A class for rendering themes for a TrackBar.
ClassThemedTreeView ThemedTreeView
ClassThemedWindow ThemedWindow
ClassThemeItemBase ThemeItemBase
ClassTimeSpanEditor EditorWithText derived embeddable editor which parses and formats TimeSpan values.
ClassTimeSpanEditorSpinButton SpinEditorButton-derived class used by the TimeSpanEditor embeddable editor.
ClassTimeSpanFormatInfo Encapsulates the information used by the TimeSpanEditor to control parsing and formatting.
ClassTimeZoneEditor TimeZoneEditor class implementation
ClassTimeZoneInfo Contains information about the associated time zone.
ClassToolTip A class used to display tool tips at a desired location and with a specified delay
ClassTrackBarEditor The editor used to provide TrackBar functionality.
ClassTransitionSettings Provides information about the transition
ClassTrueCondition A class implementing ICondition that will always evaluate to a valid match.
ClassTrueCondition.TrueConditionTypeConverter Type converter for ComplementCondition.
ClassUIElement Base class for all user interface elements.
ClassUIElementAccessibleObject Base accessible object for representing a UIElement
ClassUIElementAdjustedEventArgs Event parameters used for when an element's size or position has been adjusted via the mouse.
ClassUIElementEventArgs Event parameters used for any generic element event.
ClassUIElementsCollection A collection of UIElements.
ClassUIElementsCollection.UIElementEnumerator Inner class implements IEnumerator interface
ClassUltraApplicationSettingsBase Base class for settings wrapper classes for Infragistics controls.
ClassUltraComponentBase Base class for component classes.
ClassUltraComponentControlManagerBase Abstract base component class for managing multiple controls.
ClassUltraControlBase Abstract base class for controls that want to inherit from a Win control and want to expose the MouseEnterElement/MouseLeaveElement events as well as the UIElement draw/cursor/creation filters
ClassUltraControlBase.UltraControlAccessibleObject Accessible object representing a control
ClassUltraEditorProxyBase An abstract class for a control that will act as a proxy to an editor.
ClassUltraEditorProxyOwnerBase A base class providing most logic between a proxy and the underlying editor's owner.
ClassUltraEditorProxyUIElement The main UIElement for the UltraEditorProxyBase control.
ClassUltraStylableComponent Abstract base class for a component that supports application styling.
ClassUserPreferenceChangedTracker For internal Infragistics use only.
ClassUtilities Utility class containing static helper functions
ClassValidateCheckStateEventArgs Contains information about the editor's CheckEditor.ValidateCheckState event.
ClassValidatorManager Provides support for the registration of UltraValidator components, and for accessing registered UltraValidator components.
ClassValueConstraint Contains various constraints that can be applied to a data value.
ClassValueList Contains a list of ValueListItems, which can used to populate dropdown lists.

Each ValueListItem exposes a ValueListItem.DataValue property, which corresponds to the underlying value, and a ValueListItem.DisplayText property, which corresponds to the string that is displayed to represent the item in the user interface.

Note: The ValueList class handles population of the dropdown list displayed by the EditorWithCombo embeddable editor. The items in the editor's dropdown are of type ValueListItem.

ClassValueList.ValueListBindableAttribute This attribute is used to identify those classes that should be added to a ValueListEditor's drop down list.
ClassValueList.ValueListTypeConverter ValueList type converter.
ClassValueListChangedEventArgs Class which contains information relating to the ValueList.ListChanged event.
ClassValueListDropDownMRUSeparatorUIElement UIElement which represents the separator between the last MRU item and the first member of the ValueListItems collection.
ClassValueListDropDownUIElement ControlUIElementBase-derived element which represents the ValueListDropDown control in the user interface.
ClassValueListEditor UIEditor for properties of type IValueList. Displays a dropdown of objects that implement IValueList and are ValueListBindable.
ClassValueListEnumerator Enumerator for the ValueListCollection
ClassValueListItem ValueListItem type objects are stored in ValueList to represent the itmes in the ValueList
ClassValueListItem.ValueListItemTypeConverter ValueListItem type converter.
ClassValueListItemCheckBoxUIElement CheckBoxUIElement-derived class which handles the rendering of checkboxes for the ValueListItemUIElement.
ClassValueListItemContainerUIElement UIElement which contains ValueListItemUIElement instances.
ClassValueListItemEnumerator Enumerator for the ValueListCollection
ClassValueListItemImageUIElement ImageUIElement-derived class which handles the rendering of images for the ValueListItemUIElement.
ClassValueListItemsCollection value list items collection class
ClassValueListItemUIElement Represents the ValueListItem object in the user interface.
ClassValueListsCollection Collection of ValueLists
ClassValueListTypeConverter TypeConverter-derived class which provides support for a ValueList. Used by the List property of the ContainedInListCondition class.
ClassValuePropertyDescriptorBase Represents a pseudo property to deal with arrays of primitive types.
ClassVisualStudio2005ColorTable Class containing color properties representing the colors used by Visual Studio 2005.
ClassVisualStudio2008ColorTable Class containing color properties representing the colors used by Visual Studio 2008.
ClassVisualStudioBaseColorTable Class containing common colors shared between Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008.
ClassWeakList<T> A strongly typed list class that manages items using WeakReferences so the items in this list can be garbage collected. Items collected by garbage collector will be replaced by null. The Compact method can be used to remove entries from the list that have been garbage collected.
ClassWindowsVistaColorTable Class containing color properties representing the colors used by Microsoft Windows Vista.
ClassXPThemes XPThemes


InterfaceIButtonDrawStateSource Interface implemented by a class that supplies the button draw state to an indicator element
InterfaceICheckedItemList Implemented by an IValueList implementor that supports multi-selection through checkboxes.
InterfaceICondition Interface for implementing a condition against which to compare a value.
InterfaceIConditionContextProvider An interface implemented by objects that want to provide contextual information to an ICondition
InterfaceIEditorDataFilter Interface for custom data filters. Data filter is used for conversion between Display (user), Editor and Owner (data source).
InterfaceIEditType Interface meant to be implemented mask based editor controls as well as objects that expose a mask input property (like UltraGridColumn object in the grid). This interface is meant to be used in conjuction with MaskPropertyConvertor type convertor for displaying a default list of input masks in the designer for the mask input properties.
InterfaceIElementSupportsGlass Interface of a UIElement that has glass extended into its region.
InterfaceIEmbeddableTextBoxListener Summary description for IEmbeddableTextBoxListener.
InterfaceIEmbeddedControl This interface is implemented by a control that is intended to be treated as part of an element in a parent control.
InterfaceIFilterableValueList Interface used to genericize access to a class that supplies list items with Filtering.
InterfaceIFormManagerDesigner A designer which designs components that manage the Form or container control on which they are added. These are Infragistics.Win.UltraWinForm.UltraFormManager and UltraToolbarsManager.
InterfaceIHandleUserPreferenceChanged Interface for an object that handles the UserPreferenceChanged event.
InterfaceIImageListProvider This is used by the Appearance object's Appearance.Image property's uieditor to selecting images from the list.
InterfaceIInkProvider Interface implemented by UltraInkProvider
InterfaceIMRUListProvider IMRUListProvider interface Provides support for an MRU (most recently used) list
InterfaceINamedComponent Interface for a component with a Name
InterfaceIOwnedForm Interface implemented by a top level form.
InterfaceIPopupItem Implemented by an object that can display a popup window.
InterfaceIPopupItemProvider Implemented by an object that provides IPopupItem instances
InterfaceIProvideItemImageSize For Infragistics internal use only
InterfaceIProvidesEmbeddableEditor Implemented by a control that exposes an embeddable editor
InterfaceISelectionManager Usually implemented by the control, this is called by the selection strategy to perform various actions.
InterfaceISelectionStrategy ISelectionStrategy is implemented by SelectionStrategyBase class
InterfaceISelectionStrategyFilter Interface implemented by the user of a control to supply custom selection strategies.
InterfaceISilentTextBoxOwner Provides a communication channel between the a TextBox-derived class and its parent control
InterfaceIStatusBar Interface implemented by a StatusBar control
InterfaceISupportGlass Interface of a control that will extend glass into its region.
InterfaceISupportPresets This interface is used for objects which support Presets
InterfaceISupportsActiveBorders Implemented by UIElements that support "active borders"
InterfaceISupportsAutoSize Interface that an editor implements to support auto size edit.
InterfaceIToolTipItem Interface returned by a UIElement that should display a tooltip.
InterfaceIUIElementCreationFilter Interface supplied by the user of a control to allow custom creation/positioning of child elements
InterfaceIUIElementCursorFilter Interface supplied by the user of a control to allow custom cursors to be supplied
InterfaceIUIElementDrawFilter Interface supplied by the user of a control to perform custom drawing of one or more UIElements
InterfaceIUIElementImageAndFormattedTextProvider Interface for providing information to an ImageAndFormattedTextUIElement.
InterfaceIUIElementImageAndTextProvider Interface for providing information to an ImageAndTextUIElement.
InterfaceIUIElementImageProvider This is used by the DependentImageUIElement class to get necessary information for rendering an image
InterfaceIUIElementProvider This is the interface used to supply borderstyle and appearance settings for drawing a dependent UIElement
InterfaceIUIElementTextProvider This is used by the DependentTextUIElement class to get necessary information for rendering text
InterfaceIUltraControl Implemented by the System.Windows.Forms.Control derived control
InterfaceIUltraControlElement Implemented by the System.Windows.Forms.Control derived control
InterfaceIUltraValidator Interface implemented by the Infragistics.Win.Misc.UltraValidator component for the purpose of providing validator-related information to an embeddable editor.
InterfaceIValidatorClient Interface which identifies an UltraControlBase-derived control as supporting validation by an IUltraValidator implementor through an embeddable editor.
InterfaceIValueAppearance An interface that allows a class to provide a logical mapping between a condition and an AppearanceData object.
InterfaceIValueList Interface used to genericize access to a class that supplies list items.
InterfaceIValueListOwner Interface that defines the communication layer between an IValueList interface implementor and the owner that uses it to populate a dropdown list.
InterfaceIValueListsCollectionProvider Interface used by ValueListEditor to gain access to the value lists collection associated with the passed in context.


StructureAppearanceData The AppearanceData structure contains the properties that are used to render an object
StructureAutoSizeEditInfoParameters Holds the information required to populate the AutoSizeEdit objects.
StructureDefaultableInteger An structure that contains an immutable integer value which can also be marked as default (no value).
StructureDrawStringParameters Provides a means of passing parameters to DrawUtility.DrawString or DrawUtility.MeasureString through a single instance.
StructureDropDownManagerParameters The DropDownManagerParameters struct provides a means of passing parameters through a single instance.
StructureDropDownRepositionInfo A struct containing information needed when repositioning a drop rect that spans across multiple monitors
StructureFormattedTimeSpan Wraps the TimeSpan struct for use by the TimeSpanEditor embeddable editor.
StructureGlyphDrawingInfo Class that specifies information for drawing a glyph.
StructureMouseMessageInfo MouseMessageInfo structure identifies the message type, buttons and point infoprmation received on a mousedown, mouseup or mousemove message
StructureToolTipInfo Structure used to provide ToolTip information.
StructureUIElementAdjustmentRangeParams Used in the call to GetAdjustmentRange for elements that can be sized or moved with the mouse
StructureUIElementBorderWidths Returned from call to GetBorderWidths
StructureUIElementDrawParams Structure passed around during a drawing operation


DelegateBeforeExitEditModeEventHandler Event handler used for a mouse event over an embeddable element
DelegateCheckEditor.AfterCheckStateChangedHandler Fired after checkstate change
DelegateCheckEditor.BeforeCheckStateChangedHandler Fired before checkstate change
DelegateCheckEditor.ValidateCheckStateHandler Handles the CheckEditor.ValidateCheckState event.
DelegateDataBindingUtils.ValuePropertyDescriptorCreator Delegate for property descriptor creators.
DelegateDrawValueListItemEventHandler delegate for handling the DrawValueListItem event
DelegateDropDownManager.ActivationChangedEventHandler Event handler used ActivationChanged event
DelegateDropDownManager.AutoCloseUpDelegate Delegate used to callback to the dropdown owner to determine if the mouse message that is causing a close up should be be consumed.
DelegateEditorCheckedListSettings.CheckStateChangedHandler Handler for the ICheckedItemList.CheckStateChanged event.
DelegateEditorWithMask.InvalidCharEventHandler Delegate associated with the InvalidChar event.
DelegateEditorWithMask.InvalidOperationEventHandler Delegate associated with the InvalidOperation event.
DelegateEmbeddableClickEventHandler Event handler used for a click on an embeddable element event
DelegateEmbeddableMouseDownEventHandler Event handler used for a mouse down event over an embeddable element
DelegateEmbeddableMouseEventHandler Event handler used for a mouse event over an embeddable element
DelegateImageAndTextUIElement.MeasureStringDelegate Delegate for measure string callbacks. This can be used when you need to use the autosize calculations but need to iterate through more than one string to find the largest, etc.
DelegateInitializeDataItemHandler Event handler used when a databound item is created.
DelegateMeasureValueListItemEventHandler delegate for handling the MeasureValueListItem event
DelegatePropertyChangedEventHandler delegate for handling event that occurs when a property has changed.
DelegateResolveAppearanceCallback Delegate for appearance resolution.
DelegateUIElementAdjustedEventHandler Event handler used for when an element has been adjusted/moved
DelegateUIElementEventHandler Event handler used for any generic element event
DelegateValueListChangedEventHandler delegate for handling the ValueListChanged event


EnumerationAlpha An enumerator for specifying which alpha level to use
EnumerationAlphaBlendMode Enumeration of AlphaBlend modes
EnumerationAppearancePropFlags Use bit flags to uniquely identify each property of the AppearanceData structure.
EnumerationAppearancePropIds uniquely identify each property of the AppearanceData structure.
EnumerationAutoCompleteMode Constants which specify the mode for the automatic completion feature used in the EditorWithCombo editor.
EnumerationAutoSuggestFilterMode Constants which specify the filtering mode for the automatic completion feature used in the EditorWithCombo embeddable editor.

When the 'Suggest' or 'SuggestAppend' values of the AutoCompleteMode enumeration are used, the dropdown automatically appears as the user types, displaying only the items that meet a certain criteria, and filtering out the rest. Properties which use the AutoSuggestFilterMode enumeration determine that criteria; i.e., whether a 'StartsWith' or 'Contains' condition is applied to the filtering mechanism.

Note: When the 'Contains' setting is used by the EditorWithCombo embeddable editor, the AutoCompleteMode value of 'SuggestAppend' resolves to 'Suggest', i.e, the auto-completion functionality is disabled, since text selection is not applicable when the items being displayed might not have the same run of characters in the beginning of their display text.

EnumerationBackHatchStyle Specifies if and how a hatch brush will be used to fill the background of a UIElement.
EnumerationBindableValueListPropertyID Values that represent properties of the BindableValueList class.
EnumerationButtonAlignment Where the button will be displayed
EnumerationButtonDisplayStyle DropDownButtonDisplayStyle
EnumerationCheckEditorPropertyIds Enumeration of Property identifiers for the Check Editor.
EnumerationCheckStyle Enumeration which determines whether a checkbox is displayed for each item in a ValueList.
EnumerationColorPickerEditorPropertyIds Summary description for ColorPickerPropertyIds.
EnumerationColorRenderMode Enumeration of the various methods of printing colors.
EnumerationColorSelectorMode Determines whether the ColorSelector control is being used to select multiple colors, such as in a paint application, or a single color like in a color picker.
EnumerationColorStyle Display Style of the control
EnumerationConditionOperator Enum for specifying the comparision operator of a OperatorCondition.
EnumerationControlContainerEditor.ControlType Enum indicating the type of control (Rendering or Editing).
EnumerationConversionDirection Different types of conversion requested in custom data filter (EmbeddableEditorBase.DataFilter).
EnumerationCorners Enumeration of corners
EnumerationCustomColorBoxDisplayStyle Controls the display style of the colorbox
EnumerationDefaultableBoolean An enumerator for a boolean type property that allows for a default setting. This is used in property override situations.
EnumerationDragDropIndicatorManager.ArrowSize Used to determine the size of Drop Indicator arrows when dragging and dropping column in an UltraWinGrid using RowLayouts.
EnumerationDragDropIndicatorManager.IndicatorShape Determines the shape of the Drop Indicator
EnumerationDragDropIndicatorSettingsPropIds Enumeration of DragDropIndicatorSettings Property IDs
EnumerationDrawCache.PenType An enumerator specifying the pen type
EnumerationDrawPhase Identifies the phases of an element's drawing operation
EnumerationDropDownListAlignment DropDownListAlignment
EnumerationDropDownManager.ActivationChangeType The message that triggered the ActivationChange event
EnumerationDropDownPosition An enumerator for specifying position of the dropdown window with respect to the exclusion rect.
EnumerationDropDownResizeHandleStyle Type of Drop Down Resize Handle
EnumerationDropDownStyle DropDownStyle
EnumerationEditCheckStyle Enumeration of Property identifiers for the UltraScrollBar.
EnumerationEditorCheckedListSettingsPropIds Identifies the properties of the EditorCheckedListSettings class.
EnumerationEditorWithComboValueSource Constants which specify how the value of the Value property for the EditorWithCombo embeddable editor is obtained.
EnumerationEmbeddableClickEventArgs.EmbeddableElementType Enum for specifying the area that was clicked up.
EnumerationEmbeddableEditorArea Enumeration describing the area of the embeddable UIElement
EnumerationEmbeddableEditorOwnerBase.ActionableArea Enumeration indicating a type of actionable editor area.
EnumerationEmbeddableEditorPropertyId Enumeration of property ids for the EmbeddableEditorBase properties
EnumerationEmbeddableElementDisplayStyle Determines the style of display for embeddable editor elements.
EnumerationFindDirection Determines the direction of a find operation
EnumerationFontDataPropIds uniquely identify each property of the FontData class.
EnumerationGdiDrawStringFlags Flags for specifying how text is to be measured/rendered.
EnumerationGlassPercentage Determines the percentage of glass used when drawing the Glass Overlay.
EnumerationGlowOrientation Enumeration used to determine the positioning of the glow effect.
EnumerationGlyphStyle Enumeration used to indicate how glyphs such as check boxes and radio buttons are drawn.
EnumerationGlyphType Enumeration used to indicate a type of glyph.
EnumerationGrabHandleLocation Enumeration used to indicate where the grab handle is placed relative to the parent form and the corresponding resizing behavior that the grab handle will provide.
EnumerationGradientAlignment Determines how a gradient is aligned with respect to its origin and extent.
EnumerationGradientStyle Specifies if and how a color gradient will be used to fill the background of a UIElement.
EnumerationHAlign An enumerator for aligning text or images
EnumerationHeaderStyle Different display styles for column headers and row selectors.
EnumerationImageBackgroundOrigin An enumerator for background image origin
EnumerationImageBackgroundStyle An enumerator for background image style
EnumerationIndicatorAlignment Enumeration of arrow alignments
EnumerationItemCheckArea Constants which specify how mouse clicks affect the selected and checked states of the item, and whether clicking on an item closes the dropdown list.
EnumerationListItemMatchMode Constants which define whether to match on the data value or display text when attempting to locate an item in a list.
EnumerationLogicalOperator Binary enum for specifying logical 'and' or 'or'.
EnumerationMarginsPropertyIds Enumeration of Property identifiers for the Check Editor.
EnumerationMouseMessageType MouseMessageType is used in MouseMessageInfo structure to identify which type of mouse message was received
EnumerationMousePanning Determines what type of mouse panning is supported.
EnumerationOffice2007ColorScheme Represents the color schemes available with the Microsoft Office 2007 products.
EnumerationOffice2010ColorScheme Represents the color schemes available with the Microsoft Office 2010 products.
EnumerationPresetType Describes the type of properties used when saving/loading presets
EnumerationRelativePosition Enumeration of relative positions
EnumerationSaveSettingsFormat Enumeration of the various formats to use when saving settings to the default store
EnumerationScaleImage Enumeration of options for scaling images.
EnumerationShowInkButton Enumerates when to show the Ink Button
EnumerationSoundEvents Enumerates the system-defined sound events.
EnumerationSoundFlags Specifies how sounds are played by the UltraControlBase.PlaySound method.
EnumerationSpecialKeys Bit flags indicating on of the special keys (shift, ctrl and alt)
EnumerationSpinButtonDisplayStyle Enum for specifying whether to show a spin button and where to show it.
EnumerationSpinButtonTypes Enumeration of spin button items that may be displayed
EnumerationSplitMonitorAction The enumeration of the various reposition options available when the drop down spans across multiple monitors
EnumerationSystemColor Enumeration of windows system colors.
EnumerationTextFlowDirection Determines the flow direction of text.
EnumerationTextPlacement Enumeration of possible text placements.
EnumerationTextRenderingMode Enum for specifying the text rendering mode.
EnumerationTextTrimming Specifies how text will be rendered when there is not enough room to display the entire string.
EnumerationThemedEdit.EditState XPThemes Edit control states
EnumerationThemedExplorer.BackgroundType BackgroundType
EnumerationThemedExplorer.ExplorerButtonState Enumeration of the button state for an explorer style button
EnumerationThemedExplorer.ExplorerButtonType Enumeration of explorer button style
EnumerationThemedExplorer.HeaderType The type of group header
EnumerationThemedHeader.HeaderItemType Enumeration of header types.
EnumerationThemedStatusBar.StatusBarItem Enumeration of status bar items.
EnumerationThemedWindow.FramePart Enumeration of frame parts.
EnumerationThemedWindow.SystemButtonType Enumeration of System button types.
EnumerationThemedWindow.WindowEnabledState Enabled state of a window.
EnumerationThemedWindow.WindowState Enumeration of window state.
EnumerationTimeSpanDaysPerWeek Specifies the number of days in one week for the purposes of formatting and parsing a TimeSpan.
EnumerationTimeSpanEditorInvalidValueReason Constants which the define the reason that the TimeSpanEditor's value is invalid.
EnumerationTimeSpanFormat Constants which describe the manner in which a TimeSpan is formatted for display.
EnumerationTimeSpanFormatInfoPropertyIds Property change notification identifiers for the TimeSpanFormatInfo class.
EnumerationToolTipBorderStyle An enumerator for specifying the border style of a tooltip
EnumerationToolTipDisplayStyle Determines what style of tooltip to use.
EnumerationToolTipImage Determine which Image a tooltip will display when ToolTipDisplayStyle is set to BalloonTip.
EnumerationToolTipPropertyIds Enumeration of ToolTip Property IDs
EnumerationToolTipTextStyle Determines whether the tooltip will display Formatted text.
EnumerationUIElementBorderStyle Returns or sets a value that determines the border style of an object.
EnumerationUIElementButtonState Enumeration of button states.
EnumerationUIElementButtonStyle Enumeration of button styles.
EnumerationUIElementButtonType Enumeration of button types.
EnumerationUIElementDisplayStyle An enumerator for UIElement display styles
EnumerationUIElementInputType Used for specifying inputType parameter to UIElement.WantsInputNotification method.
EnumerationUIElementTransitionType Enumeration used to indicate the type of uielement transition that should occur.
EnumerationUltraComponentPropIds Enumeration of UltraComponent property ids.
EnumerationUltraControlPropIds uniquely identify each property of UltraControlBase.
EnumerationValidateAsType Used to specify how the ValueConstraint class should validate a value. Each of these values represents a data type which has implicit constraints, such as a minimal value, etc. Those constraints are used by the ValueConstraint.Validate method to enforce data validity.
EnumerationVAlign An enumerator for aligning text or images
EnumerationValueConstraintFlags Used for specifying which constraints should be applied to the input value of the ValueConstraint.Validate method.
EnumerationValueConstraintPropertyID Property identifiers for the ValueConstraint class.
EnumerationValueListChangeType Enumeration which describes the manner in which the contents of a ValueList object's ValueList.ValueListItems collection has changed.
EnumerationValueListDisplayStyle style for specifying what property of a value list item will be displayed in each item of the DropDown list This applies to value list items collection associated with each value list for various drop down column styles.
EnumerationValueListDropDownAction Enumeration which contains constants that identify the actions that can be performed on the ValueListDropDown control.
EnumerationValueListDropDownStates Enumeration which contains constants that identify the various states of the ValueListDropDown control.
EnumerationValueListItemMatchingMode Constants which describe the manner in which a ValueListItem is evaluated when comparing it to user input.
EnumerationValueListPropIds uniquely identify each property of the ValueList.
EnumerationValueListSortStyle enum for specifying how a value list items will be sorted when displaying value list items in a drop down list
EnumerationWindowsVistaColorScheme Represents the color schemes available for Windows Vista styles.

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