Configuring Swipe Row
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This topic provides a conceptual overview of the IGGridView™ control’s swipe row and demonstrates how to configure it on the grid view.

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Swipe row summary

Swipe row allows a user to swipe their finger on a row and have the row slide in a specific direction, exposing a UIView on the left or right side of the row. In the illustration below, the slide row view appears to the left of the row displaying an information icon.

The swipeRowAction property found on the IGGridView allows you to customize which side the UIView appears.

  • IGGridViewSwipeRowActionSlideRowBoth - Swipe your finger to the left will slide the row to the left, swipe your finger to the right will slide the row to the right
  • IGGridViewSwipeRowActionSlideRowLeft - Swipe your finger left or right will slide the row to the left
  • IGGridViewSwipeRowActionSlideRowRight - Swipe your finger left or right will slide the row to the right
Note: For this feature to work there cannot be any horizontal scrolling.

To control what view is displayed on the exposed swipe row, implement the following methods on the IGGridViewDelegate.

  • -(UIView*)gridView:(IGGridView*)gridView viewForSlideRowLeft:(IGRowPath*)path;
  • -(UIView*)gridView:(IGGridView*)gridView viewForSlideRowRight:(IGRowPath*)path;

The displayed view does not dictate the actual width of the slide row. The width of the slide row is set by one or both of the following properties; slideRowLeftWidth, slideRowRightWidth.

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