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Glossary Item Box

This section gives you an overview of the use of the IGSideMenuView control. It contains information ranging from what the control does to the step-by-step procedures on how to accomplish common tasks using the control. Click the links below to access important information about the IGSideMenuView control.

About IGSideMenuView

The IGSideMenuView allows for a view to be exposed or hidden programmatically or through user interaction on the left or right side of the IGSideMenuView.

Adding the IG Framework File

This topic demonstrates how to add the IG framework file to a project.

Adding the Side Menu to a View

This topic explains, with a code example how to create a basic instance of the IGSideMenuView control and display it on a view.

Configuring IGSideMenuView

The topics in this group cover enabling configuring, and using the IGSideMenuView control’s supported features.