Configuring Category Axis Clustering Mode
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This topic provides an introductory overview of configuring category axis clustering mode on the IGChartView™ control.

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Category axis clustering mode summary

Category axis clustering mode allows the line and area based series to draw their vertices in the center of each category. Typically, the line series starts and ends at the very edge of the viewport. However, when plotting the line and column series together, the line series gets offset and each line point is plotted in the center of each column. Clustering mode allows simulating the same behavior without actually having a column series present. To enable clustering mode, set the useClusteringMode property to YES.

In Objective-C:

_xAxis = (IGCategoryAxisBase*)[_chart findAxisByKey:@"x"];
_xAxis.useClusteringMode = YES;

In C#:

_xAxis = _chartView.FindAxisByKey ("x");_xAxis.UseClusteringMode = true;

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