Hiding Invalid Data in the Financial Price Series
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This topic provides an introductory overview of hiding invalid data in the financial price series on the IGChartView™ control.

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Hiding invalid data summary

OHLC points have always been allowed to show in the chart regardless of the underlying values. However, a financial chart should not show points where the low value is greater than high value. To hide invalid values set the OHLC data source helper’s property restrictLowsGreaterThanHighs to YES.

Note: To take advantage of this feature, a data source helper must be used.

In Objective-C:

_chart = [[IGChartView alloc]initWithFrame:self.view.frame];
_ohlcHelper = [[IGOHLCSeriesDataSourceHelper alloc]initWithData:_data openPath:@"open" highPath:@"high" lowPath:@"low" andClosePath:@"close"];
_ohlcHelper.restrictLowsGreaterThanHighs = YES;
[_chart addSeriesForType:[IGFinancialPriceSeries class] usingKey:@"series" withDataSource:_ohlcHelper firstAxisKey:@"x" secondAxisKey:@"y"];
IGFinancialPriceSeries *s = [_chart findSeriesByKey:@"series"];
s.displayType = IGPriceDisplayTypeOHLC;
[self.view addSubview:_chart];

In C#:

_chart = new IGChartView (this.View.Bounds);

_ohlcHelper = new IGOHLCSeriesDataSourceHelper (_data.ToArray (), "Open", "High", "Low", "Close");

_ohlcHelper.RestrictLowsGreaterThanHighs = true;

_chart.AddSeries (new ObjCRuntime.Class ("IGFinancialPriceSeries"), "series", _ohlcHelper, "x", "y");

IGFinancialPriceSeries s = _chart.FindSeriesByKey ("series");

s.DisplayType = IGPriceDisplayType.IGPriceDisplayTypeOHLC;

this.View.AddSubview (_chart);

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