Configuring Fixed Rows
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This topic provides an introductory overview of configuring fixed rows on the IGGridView™ control.

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Fixed rows summary

Fixed rows allow end-users to pin rows to the top of the IGGridView. These rows will stay locked into position when the grid is scrolled. To implement fixed rows the IGGridViewDataSourceHelper contains two methods for adding or removing a fixed row on the IGGridView.

  • -(void)gridView:(IGGridView*)gridView addFixedRowAtPath:(IGRowPath *)path;
  • -(void)gridView:(IGGridView*)gridView removeFixedRowAtPath:(IGRowPath *)path;

The IGRowPath instance contains an isRowFixed property that specifies if the row path is fixed or not by returning one of the following IGGridViewFixedRowDirection enumeration values.

  • IGGridViewFixedRowDirectionNone
  • IGGridViewFixedRowDirectionTop

When adopting the IGGridViewDataSource protocol the numberOfFixedRowsInGridView: method can be overridden to specify the number of fixed rows displayed in the IGGridView.

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