IGRangeSelectorView Class Reference

Inherits from UIView
Declared in IGRangeSelectorView.h


@property (assign, nullable) UIView *contentView


@property (retain, nullable) UIColor *shadeColor


@property (assign) double minMaxThumbSize


@property (retain, nullable) UIView *thumbView


@property (retain, nullable) UIView *minimumThumbView


@property (retain, nullable) UIView *maximumThumbView


An object that defines a set of brushes and fonts that will be used to style the range selector.

@property (nonatomic, retain, nullable) id<IGRangeSelectorThemeDefinition> theme

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@property (assign) IGRangeSelectorScalingBehavior scalingBehavior


Gets or sets the minimum width of the center eye used for dragging the range selector. This value is only retained and used when the scalingBehavior is set to IGRangeSelectorScalingBehaviorScaleProportional, otherwise it will be set by control.

@property (assign) CGFloat minimumCenterEyeWidth

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