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Infragistics® Reporting 2013 Volume 2 features the industry's first WPF and Silverlight-based rendering reporting tool (using Microsoft® Visual Studio®), offering the only report rendering engine that can run without any server participation required. Available for HTML5, Silverlight, WPF and Windows Forms reporting applications.

Infragistics Reporting offers report designing features, XAML and HTML5 Report viewers and an Expression Assistant. Other features include: integrated charting support (based on Infragistics' award-winning data visualization charting controls), SQL Data Source, and the ability to easily connect to the most popular data sources like Entity Framework and RIA Services (using client-side rendering). You can even export your reports to PDF and Excel format without "round trips" back to the server.

Infragistics Reporting's features include:

A wide range of Report Viewers, including the new HTML5 Viewer

Integrate Reports into your applications using HTML5, Silverlight, WPF, or Windows Forms Report Viewers. With the new HTML5 Report Viewer, you can even display your reports in touch devices like the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Easily create master-detail reports based on hierarchical data sources

Display data from hierarchical data sources in your reports, using sub-sections, hierarchical tables or a combination of both. Just drag objects to the Designer Surface - no need for sub-reports or complex configurations.

Innovative Design-Time Experience in Visual Studio® with a WPF-based designer

Explore an easy-to-use Visual Studio interface for you to create your data reports. Involve the entire team in building reports that optimize data presentation as well as visual appeal. You can immediately preview your final report and data within the IDE. Both Visual Studio 2010 and 2012 are supported

Styling & Formatting Reports

Use Conditional Formatting and Even-Odd Row Styling to enhance the appearance of your reports.

Report Viewers built-in features for displaying and handling Infragistics Reports

Use the Report Viewer controls to render your reports either on the client or server-side in different platforms. The controls support features like styling & theming, parameter binding, exporting, printing, and a rich set of events.

Working with Parameters

Enable end users to bind parameters through the Report Viewer, and customize the output of your report by requesting parameters from the user.


Enable Groups of data in a report to make it easy for users to understand their data. Groups can be defined following the intuitive "Invitations" available on the Designer Surface or in the Table control.

Client and Server Rendering

Infragistics Reporting supports server-side and client-side rendering. Server-side rendering is useful when data cannot be accessed directly from the client, for example, a Silverlight client rendering SQL based report. Client-side rendering is useful when the data is only available at the client or when you want to reduce the load of your web server.

Integrated Charting

With data visualization integration you can use the same market leading, high-performance and award winning charting controls from the Infragistics Data Visualization products right within your reports.

Data Connectivity

Bind a report to the supported Data Sources either at design-time, using the Data Source Wizard, or, programmatically, at run-time. The content of reports can be based on one or more data sources.

Easy-to-use expression assistant and edit-in-place feature

The expression editor helps developers enhance their reports by adding calculated fields, including parameters, data fields, and functions.

Print and Export

You can print and export documents from the design-time Preview mode or from the Report Viewer in HTML5, Silverlight, WPF, and Windows Forms.



Infragistics Reporting is a tool that allows developers to create modern, innovative, visually appealing reports by providing a compelling and easy-to-use design experience in Visual Studio.


Our Vision

Infragistics Reporting is designed to natively interface with all major data access technologies, provide an easy-to-use design experience and robust report engine all available in HTML, Silverlight, WPF, and WinForms.


Key Features

  • Built entirely in XAML-capable platforms, both the designer and engine
  • New Hierarchical Data support, allowing you to use sections, tables, or a combination of both, to quickly achieve different layouts
  • The HTML5 Report Viewer renders reports in Web Applications and display them in touch devices like iPad, iPhone and iPod touch
  • Client-side or server-side rendering for Silverlight, WinForms and WPF
  • Full Visual Studio integration
  • Integrated charting
  • Rich data connectivity to supporting SQL Database, Entity Framework, RIA Services, OData and any other data source through our ObjectDataSource
  • Print and Export documents from the design-time Preview mode or from the Report Viewers
  • The design surface offers innovative tooling and intuitive interfaces


What’s Next?

Get started with Infragistics Reporting by reading the Getting Started group of topics, where you will find information about the main architectural concepts, data sources basics and the available support services. Then you can continue with the Infragistics Reporting Environment group of topics.

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