Infragistics(R) NetAdvantage(R) WPF
Infragistics.Controls.Menus Namespace (InfragisticsWPF4.Controls.Menus.XamMenu.v12.1)
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ClassContextMenuManager Provides the system implementation for displaying a XamContextMenu.
ClassContextMenuService Provides the system implementation for attaching a XamContextMenu to elements in a WPF application.
ClassItemClickedEventArgs Provides data for the XamMenuBase.ItemClicked, events of a XamMenuBase control.
ClassOpenedEventArgs Provides data for XamContextMenu.Opened event of XamContextMenu.
ClassOpeningEventArgs Provides data for event of XamContextMenu
ClassXamContextMenu Represents a pop-up menu that enables a control to expose functionality that is specific to the context of the control.
ClassXamContextMenuCommandSource The command source object for XamContextMenu object.
ClassXamMenu Displays a menu in a WPF application.
ClassXamMenuBase Represents a control that defines choices for users to select.
ClassXamMenuItem Represents a selectable item inside a XamMenu control.
ClassXamMenuSeparator Control that is used to separate menu items in XamMenu control.


EnumerationMenuItemPosition Defines the different custom positions of the submenu items can have.
EnumerationMenuItemRole Defines the different roles that a XamMenuItem can have.
EnumerationOpenMode Specifies on which event the XamContextMenu opens.
EnumerationPlacementMode Describes the placement of where a XamContextMenu control appears on the screen. The target area of the XamContextMenu is the XamContextMenu.PlacementRectangle which is relative to the XamContextMenu.PlacementTarget. If the XamContextMenu.PlacementTarget is not set, the element where the context menu is attached is used as a target.
EnumerationXamContextMenuCommand An enumeration of available commands for the XamContextMenu object.

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