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ObliqueMercator Class

The Hotine Oblique Mercator Projection
Public Class ObliqueMercator 
   Inherits Projection
public class ObliqueMercator : Projection 
There are several geographical regions such as the Alaska panhandle centered along lines which are neither parallels nor meridians, but which may be taken as great circle routes passing through the region. If conformality is desired in such regions, the Oblique Mercator is a projection which should be considered.

The Oblique Mercator projection is used in the spherical form for a few atlas maps. In the ellipsoid form it was used for Switzerland and Madagascar as well as Malaya and Borneo and Italy. It is used in the Hotine form by the USGS for grid marks on the panhandle of Alaska as well as by the US Lake Survey for mapping of the five great lakes, the St Lawrence River, and the US-Canada border lakes.

Until the implementation of Space Oblique Mercator, the Hotine Oblique Mercator was probably the most suitable projection available for mapping Landsat type data.


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