Infragistics® WPF 2015.1
Infragistics WPF 2015.1

The Infragistics WPF product is a suite of next-generation controls, designed to create polished, commercial-class UIs based on Microsoft® Windows® Presentation Foundation.

With the Full version of the Infragistics WPF product, you get the entire suite of controls allowing you to create:

The Infragistics WPF controls are designed and written from the ground up to take advantage of the power that the Windows Presentation Foundation provides. The controls leverage Windows Presentation Foundation features including high-resolution graphics, rich styling and animation capabilities, and integrated UI virtualization technology. In fact, all of our Windows Presentation Foundation controls are written in 100% managed C# code, with default styles and templates defined in XAML resources.

Before you start using the Infragistics WPF product, be sure to read through the topics in this section to ensure that you are getting the most of the product.

Using the Help

The Infragistics WPF help is available to assist you in finding the information that you need to understand and use the controls and components of the Infragistics WPF suite.

See below for information on how to navigate and search in the following versions of the Infragistics WPF help:

Microsoft Help Viewer

Microsoft® Visual Studio® versions 2010, 2012 and 2013 are supported. The entry points of the Microsoft Help Viewer in Microsoft Visual Studio is via Help menu.

View Help:

This option launches a browser with the changed help screen. There is a Search Box on the left Top of the browser and below it is the Table Of Contents(TOC). The new system does not have the deep tree and index from the previous version and this introduces the valuable information at the top of the page. Below the TOC is the Related Links section that contains the pears of the current page.

Manage Help Settings:

This manager allows the users to configure the Help Library System. There are options to add new content to the help system from both online and offline sources. The users can choose from working with online libraries or to install those locally and use them as an offline content.

Installed Version

This section provides information on how to use the tabs and filters in the installed version of the Infragistics WPF help.


The bottom of the left-hand pane of the help window is comprised of the following tabs:

At the top of the right-hand pane of the help window, there are two tabs:

Online Help Version

This section provides information about the online version of the Infragistics WPF help available on our Web site.

In the online Infragistics WPF help, the left-hand pane of the help window is comprised of the following parts:



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