Infragistics® WPF 2016.1
About Infragistics Control Persistence Framework

The Infragistics Persistence Framework™ library provides an unified API that can be used to save and load the current state of controls.

The Persistence Framework does not provide full support for the controls that are specific to the Infragistics WPF and are not cross-platforms controls.

You can manage every phase of the persistence process. You can define which DependencyObjects get persisted and which DependencyObjects properties can be saved and loaded. The save and load process can be easily customized.

The static Save method returns a MemoryStream which can be further processed. It is up to you where it will be stored – e.g. Isolated Storage.


In order to persist and restore the SelectedItems collection in the xamComboEditor control, the data model class must have an empty constructor, implement the IEquitable interface and override the Equals and GetHashCode methods.

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