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GridItemBase Class Members
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Infragistics.Win.UltraWinGrid Namespace : GridItemBase Class

The following tables list the members exposed by GridItemBase.

Protected Fields

protected FieldselectedValue The internal selectedValue state of the item.  
protected FieldtagValue (Inherited from Infragistics.Shared.SubObjectBase)

Public Properties

public PropertyActivated Property: Returns true only if activated  
public PropertyBand Returns the Band that the object belongs to, if any. This property is read-only at run-time. This property is not available at design-time.  
public PropertyDisposed (Inherited from Infragistics.Shared.DisposableObject)
public PropertyIsTabStop Property: Returns true only if tab stop  
public PropertySelected Property: Returns true only if all columns are marked as selectedValue  
public PropertyTag (Inherited from Infragistics.Shared.SubObjectBase)

Protected Properties

protected PropertySubObjectPropChangeHandler (Inherited from Infragistics.Shared.SubObjectBase)

Public Methods

public MethodCreateObjRef Creates an object that contains all the relevant information required to generate a proxy used to communicate with a remote object. (Inherited from System.MarshalByRefObject)
public MethodDispose (Inherited from Infragistics.Shared.DisposableObject)
public MethodGetLifetimeService Retrieves the current lifetime service object that controls the lifetime policy for this instance. (Inherited from System.MarshalByRefObject)
public MethodGetUIElementOverloaded.  Returns the UIElement associated with the object, in the active scroll region.  
public MethodInitializeLifetimeService Obtains a lifetime service object to control the lifetime policy for this instance. (Inherited from System.MarshalByRefObject)
public MethodNotifyPropChangeOverloaded.  (Inherited from Infragistics.Shared.SubObjectBase)
public MethodShouldSerializeTag (Inherited from Infragistics.Shared.SubObjectBase)
public MethodVerifyNotDisposed (Inherited from Infragistics.Shared.DisposableObject)

Protected Methods

protected MethodDeserializeTagOverloaded.  (Inherited from Infragistics.Shared.SubObjectBase)
protected MethodInitializeTag (Inherited from Infragistics.Shared.SubObjectBase)
protected MethodMemberwiseCloneOverloaded. Creates a shallow copy of the current System.MarshalByRefObject object. (Inherited from System.MarshalByRefObject)
protected MethodOnDispose (Inherited from Infragistics.Shared.DisposableObject)
protected MethodOnObjectPropChanged (Inherited from Infragistics.Shared.SubObjectBase)
protected MethodOnSubObjectPropChanged (Inherited from Infragistics.Shared.SubObjectBase)
protected MethodResetTag (Inherited from Infragistics.Shared.SubObjectBase)
protected MethodSerializeTagOverloaded.  (Inherited from Infragistics.Shared.SubObjectBase)

Public Events

public EventSubObjectDisposed (Inherited from Infragistics.Shared.SubObjectBase)
public EventSubObjectPropChanged (Inherited from Infragistics.Shared.SubObjectBase)

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