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UltraGridCell.CellAccessibleObject Class Members
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Infragistics.Win.UltraWinGrid Namespace : UltraGridCell.CellAccessibleObject Class

The following tables list the members exposed by UltraGridCell.CellAccessibleObject.

Public Constructors

public ConstructorUltraGridCell.CellAccessibleObject Constructor Constructor  

Public Properties

public PropertyAccessibleObject (Inherited from Infragistics.Win.AccessibleObjectWrapper)
public PropertyBoundsOverridden.  Gets the location and size of the accessible object.  
public PropertyCell Returns the associated cell.  
public PropertyDefaultActionOverridden.  Gets a string that describes the default action of the object.  
public PropertyDescriptionOverridden.  Gets a string that describes the visual appearance of the specified object. Not all objects have a description.  
public PropertyHelpOverridden.  Gets a description of what the object does or how the object is used.  
public PropertyKeyboardShortcut (Inherited from Infragistics.Win.AccessibleObjectWrapper)
public PropertyMarshallingControl (Inherited from Infragistics.Win.AccessibleObjectWrapper)
public PropertyNameOverridden.  The accessible name for the data area.  
public PropertyParentOverridden.  Gets the parent of an accessible object.  
public PropertyRoleOverridden.  Gets the role of this accessible object.  
public PropertyStateOverridden.  Gets the state of this accessible object.  
public PropertyValueOverridden.  Returns the caption  

Protected Properties

protected PropertyCanPerformDefaultAction (Inherited from Infragistics.Win.AccessibleObjectWrapper)

Public Methods

public MethodDoDefaultActionOverridden.  Performs the default action associated with this accessible object.  
public MethodGetChildOverridden.  Retrieves the accessible child corresponding to the specified index.  
public MethodGetChildCountOverridden.  Retrieves the number of children belonging to an accessible object.  
public MethodGetFocusedOverridden.  Retrieves the object that has the keyboard focus.  
public MethodGetHelpTopic (Inherited from Infragistics.Win.AccessibleObjectWrapper)
public MethodGetSelectedOverridden.  Retrieves the currently selected child.  
public MethodHitTestOverridden.  Retrieves the child object at the specified screen coordinates.  
public MethodNavigateOverridden.  Navigates to another accessible object.  
public MethodSelectOverridden.  Modifies the selection or moves the keyboard focus of the accessible object.  

Protected Methods

protected MethodCreateAccessibilityInstance (Inherited from Infragistics.Win.AccessibleObjectWrapper)
protected MethodGetMarshallingControlOverridden.  Returns the control used to synchronize accessibility calls.  

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