Infragistics(R) NetAdvantage(R) Windows Forms
WinMisc 2005.1
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Glossary Item Box

UltraGroupBox and UltraExpandableGroupBox

Both of the new GroupBox controls have the ability to show a header which includes a caption, image, and expansion indicator (only in the WinExpandableGroupBox™). The UltraExpandableGroupBox is collapsible, which means that its content area can be hidden from view. When the control is collapsed, all of its child controls will be hidden and the control's size will decrease to the size of its header.

ultragroupbox and ultraexpandablegroupbox

The following picture shows the UltraExpandableGroupBox using the Office2003 ViewStyle in both the expanded and collapsed state. For more information, see Changing the Style and Appearance of WinGroupBox and Changing the Style and Appearance of WinExpandableGroupBox.


UltraPrintPreview And UltraPrintPreviewThumbnail

The WinPrintPreviewControl™ includes a superset of the functionality of the .NET PrintPreviewControl. The WinPrintPreviewThumbnail™ control is used in conjunction with the UltraPrintPreviewControl to provide a thumbnail view of the generated pages similar to the thumbnails you might see in Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat.

ultraprintpreview and ultraprintpreviewthumbnail controls


The WinPrintPreviewDialog™ is a component that utilizes the new UltraPrintPreviewControl and UltraPrintPreviewThumbnail controls along with the WinToolbarsManager™ and WinStatusBar™ to provide a Microsoft Office style print preview dialog. This component exists in a separate assembly (Infragistics.Win.UltraWinPrintPreviewDialog.v12.2).

ultraprintpreviewdialog control
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