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Using Command-Line

The Infragistics Project Version Utility application can also be run from the command prompt. The command line interface allows you to pass in the information at the command-prompt, or create batch files that upgrade solutions.


Infragistics.VersionUtility.CommandLine.exe /?

The table below specifies the command-line arguments:

Command Line Parameters Description
/? Displays available command-line parameters
/source Provide solution file, project file or directory (to search for) to upgrade.
/productversion The version/volume to upgrade the solution too. You don’t need to specify this switch if you just want to upgrade your source to the latest volume found on the machine.
/clr To be specified if you want to upgrade from one CLR version to another. If your upgrade is not changing CLRs, then you don’t need to specify this switch.
/assemblypath Specify path to assemblies you want to use. You can use this option multiple times to specify multiple assembly locations.

When this switch is specified, a backup of files will not occur.

Note: By default the utility will always backup files.
/noupdatehint Hint paths are not updated when this switch is specified.
/verbose Allows you to specify verbose logging for the console window.
Note: Log file is always verbose.

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