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igHierarchicalGrid Overview
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This topic provides conceptual information about the igHierarchicalGrid™ including information regarding features, binding to data sources, requirements, templates, and interaction.

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The igHierarchicalGrid is a control for displaying hierarchical data with multiple levels and multiple layouts (relationships) on the same level. Because the igHierarchicalGrid uses internally the flat igGrid all its features are also available for the igHierarchicalGrid. This topic discusses the igHierarchicalGrid-specific features and will only provide links to the igGrid-specific features.

The picture below shows the igHierarchicalGrid with one of its rows expanded.

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You need to first read the following topics:

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External Resources You need to first read the following article: Working with jQuery Widgets

Main Features

Features overview

The table below briefly explains the main igHierarchicalGrid-specific features. 

Feature Description
Columns Lets you choose wither do define the columns by hand or to let the igHierarchicalGrid do it automatically.
Column Layouts Creates a layout or lets the igHierarchicalGrid do it automatically.
Load On Demand Loads data to a row when the row is expanded.
Inheritance Allows child layouts to inherit their parents’ features.

The igHierarchicalGrid has events responsible for expanding and collapsing the child row and populating the child layouts.







Animation and Styling

A set ofAPI properties that allow you to change the expand/collapse animation.

An addition to the the specific features, the igHierarchicalGrid uses all igGrid features:

Columns and layouts

Defining a column is the same like defining column in a flat grid. Inside the columns collection, you define the columns to display, together with the column-settings.

The property that is used to set the layout options that are not inherited from the parent is called columnLayouts. Inside this object you can define the child layout objects and their respective options.

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Load on demand

If you want to load only the visible data, the igHierarchicalGrid allows you to do this by first loading the parent data only and after that loading every the column layout data.

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If you want the same feature for the child layouts as they are configured on the parent, you can use inheritance – define the feature in the parent layout and then enable inheritance for the lower levels.

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Events API

The igHierarchicalGrid uses internally all igGrid feature events. In addition to that, he has some specific events for expanding and collapsing rows and populating a child grid.

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Styling and Theming

The igHierarchicalGrid has plenty of properties that allow you to change the animation behavior when expanding and collapsing child layouts. It also supports all classes of the jQuery UI CSS Framework. This enables you apply styling using third-party tools, like jQuery Theme Switcher.

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ASP.NET MVC helper

You can use the ASP.NET MVC Helper for managed code languages to configure the igHierarchicalGrid. The MVC wrapper for the igHierarchicalGrid uses the same code as the flat igGrid wrapper. That’s why, as it is in the flat igGrid, the features’ logic is automatically handled by the MVC wrapper and you don’t need to create implementation for features like paging, sorting, filtering, summaries, as the requests It from these features are handled internally.

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Binding Requirements


The igHierarchicalGrid is a jQuery UI Widget and therefore has a requirement for the jQuery and jQuery UI JavaScript libraries. In addition, there are several NetAdvantage for jQuery JavaScript resources that the igHierarchicalGrid uses for shared functionality and data binding. These JavaScript references are required whether the igHierarchicalGrid is used in JavaScript or in ASP.NET MVC. When using the igHierarchicalGrid in ASP.NET MVC, the Infragistics.Web.Mvc assembly is required to configure the igHierarchicalGrid with .NET languages.

Binding requirements reference chart

The following table lists the requirements for binding the igHierarchicalGrid control to data sources grouped by requirement category.

Requirement category Requirements listing
Data structure

Can be any of the following:

Well-formed JSON or XML supplied locally or from a web server, including servers that supports oData protocol.

IQueryable in ASP.NET MVC

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