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The topics in this group explain the igOlapFlatDataSource™ component and its use.

The igOlapFlatDataSource component enables multi-dimensional (OLAP-like) analysis to be performed on flat data collections. Given a data collection or an igDataSource™ instance and based on the user configuration, igOlapFlatDataSource extracts the necessary metadata in order to create dimensions of hierarchies and measures.




This topic provides an overview of the igOlapFlatDataSource component and its main features.

This is a group of topics covering the adding of the igOlapFlatDataSource component to an HTML page and an ASP.NET MVC View.

This topic explains how to configure the tabular View of the OLAP cube result set by arranging the hierarchies of the pivot grid columns, rows, filters, and measures, either from the grid’s interface or programmatically in the code.

This topic explains how to define metadata for the data used with igOlapFlatDataSource so that flat data can be presented in multidimensional (OLAP) form.

This topic provides links to the jQuery and ASP.NET MVC API documentation for the igOlapFlatDataSource component.