Adding the Chart Framework File
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This topic demonstrates how to add the chart framework file to a project.

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Add the Chart Framework File


This procedure provides step-by-step directions for adding the chart framework and if applicable the QuartzCore framework, both of which are required for using the IGChartView™ control in your application.


  • To complete this procedure, you need the following:
    • A new or existing Xcode iOS project
    • The IGChart.framework folder stored locally on your machine




1. Adding the Chart Framework File

a. Open or create an Xcode iOS project that will use the IGChartView.

b. On the Project Navigator pane, left click on the project name, which is the parent item visible in the Project Navigator’s tree view.

Note: Make sure to select the project name under the TARGETS heading, and select the Summary tab. You should see the settings panel that lets you configure different project attributes.

c. Scroll down the Summary tab page until coming to the section titled, “Linked Frameworks and Libraries.”

d. Click the + (plus) button, located in the lower left-hand corner directly below the Linked Frameworks and Libraries listing.

e. Click the Add Other button, and navigate to the saved location of the IGChart.framework folder, click to select the folder and then click the Open button.

f. Repeat steps d and e to add the QuartzCore.framework if this is not already included in your project.

2. Adding the Header File

a. Navigate and select the UIViewController’s header (.h) file that will use the IGChartView.

b. Add the import statement at the top of the source file:

In Objective-C:

#import <IGChart/IGChart.h>

c. The IGChartView is now available for use in your UIViewController.

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