Inherits from IGCategoryAxisBase : IGAxis : NSObject
Declared in Axis.h


A IGCategoryXAxis is a horizontal axis that is used to display a sequence of category labels.

IGCategoryXAxis is the most commonly used axis. It is used by almost all IGAnchoredCategorySeries and by all IGFinancialSeries. IGCategoryXAxis is represented by a horizontal line and a set of labels.

IGCategoryXAxis contains vertical major and minor grid lines. Their behavior will vary for different series types. For column-based series, major grid lines are placed between columns, while minor grid lines are placed in the middle of each column. For line and area series, major grid lines are placed in the middle of each category, while minor grid lines are not displayed.

Axis labels can be placed in one of the four locations: outside below the plotting area, inside the plotting area below the axis line, inside the plotting area above the axis line, and outside above the plotting area. It’s common to set crossingAxis and crossingValue when setting labelsLocation to an inside value.

CrossingAxis and crossingValue allow the axis to intersect the NumericYAxis at a specific value.




A value that determines the frequency of displayed labels.

@property (nonatomic) float interval


This property is used to set the frequency of axis labels. A value of 1 will display every label. A value of 2 will display every other label, and so on. When unset, the axis will automatically determine the label frequency.

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An enumeration value that specifies the label alignment.

@property (nonatomic) IGVerticalAlign labelAlignment


This property is used to set the alignment of the axis labels. The labels can be top, center, or bottom aligned.

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Angle of rotation (in degrees) used by the axis labels.

@property (nonatomic) float labelOrientationAngle

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