Inherits from IGHorizontalStackedSeriesBase : IGStackedSeriesBase : IGMarkerSeries : IGSeries : NSObject
Declared in Series.h


IGStacked100AreaSeries displays one or more area fragment series. Each area fragment series is represented by an IGStackedFragmentSeries and behaves like an area series, however, the data point values are expressed as a percentage of the total. Multiple fragment series are stacked on top of each other. All data point values within each stack will add up to 100%. The stacked series uses an IGCategoryXAxis and an IGNumericYAxis. The y axis for this series will show a percentage range (i.e. 0 to 100 or -100 to 100). IGStackedSeriesDataSourceHelper can be used as the data source for this series. Alternatively, a custom data source that conforms to IGStackedSeriesDataSource protocol can be used.