Inherits from IGHorizontalStackedSeriesBase : IGStackedSeriesBase : IGMarkerSeries : IGSeries : NSObject
Declared in Series.h


IGStacked100SplineAreaSeries displays one or more spline area fragment series. Each spline area fragment series is represented by an IGStackedFragmentSeries and behaves like a spline area series, however, the data point values are expressed as a percentage of the total. Multiple fragment series are stacked on top of each other. All data point values within each stack will add up to 100%. The stacked series uses an IGCategoryXAxis and an IGNumericYAxis. The y axis for this series will show a percentage range (i.e. 0 to 100 or -100 to 100). IGStackedSeriesDataSourceHelper can be used as the data source for this series. Alternatively, a custom data source that conforms to IGStackedSeriesDataSource protocol can be used.