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Glossary Item Box

This section gives you an overview of the use of the IGCalendarView™ control. It contains information ranging from what the control does to the step-by-step procedures on how to accomplish common tasks using the control.

Click the links below to access important information about the IGCalendarView control.

About IGCalendarView

The IGCalendarView is a container that displays different views for navigating dates and display appointments. Within in this control you can view 3 different display types: Year, Month, and Day. Each display type knows how to animate smoothly between other display types to prvoide a seamless transition. You can use this control to display your own calendars/appointments.

Adding the IG Framework File

This topic demonstrates how to add the IG framework file to a project.

Adding the Calendar to a View

This topic provides basic information about creating an instance of the IGCalendarView to help you get up and running with this control.

Configuring IGCalendarView

The topics in this group explain and demonstrate enabling, configuring, and using the IGCalendarView control’s supported features.

Data Source Helper

This topic provides a conceptual overview of the data source helper in the IGCalendarView and demonstrates its configuration using a code example.


This topic provides an introductory overview of the supported themes available in the IGCalendarView control.