Configuring Rounded Corners
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This topic provides a conceptual overview of configuring rounded corners on the IGChartView™ control.

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Rounded corners summary

To create rounded corners simply assign a value to the radiusX and radiusY properties, located on the series class, of those series that support rounded corners:

  • IGBarSeries
  • IGColumnSeries
  • IGRadialColumnSeries
  • IGRadialPieSeries
  • IGRangeColumnSeries
  • IGStacked100BarSeries
  • IGStackedBarSeries
  • IGStacked100ColumnSeries
  • IGStackedColumnSeries
  • IGWaterfallSeries

The IGColumnSeries and IGBarSeries have an additional property called roundedCorners that accepts one of the following enumerations.

  • IGRoundedCornersAll - All corners are rounded (default).
  • IGRoundedCornersBase - Bottom corner rounding for positive value columns and top corner rounding for negative values.
  • IGRoundedCornersPeak - For IGColumnSeries top corners will be rounded for positive value columns and bottom corners will be rounded for negative value columns. For IGBarSeries right corners will be rounded for positive values and left corners for negative values.

The illustration below demonstrates rounded corners on the IGColumnSeries with the radiusX and radiusY properties set to 20.

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