Configuring UI Column Resizing
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This topic provides a conceptual overview on configuring UI column resizing on the IGGridView™ control.

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Adding the IG Framework File

This topic explains the requirements for adding the grid framework file to an Xcode project; a requirement for using the IGGridView control.

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UI column resizing summary

The user interface (UI) supports column resizing a column by setting the columnResizing property. Listed below are the columnResizing property’s supported enumerations.

  • IGGridViewColumnResizingActionAdorner – Tapping a column header of displays the adorner used to resize the column. Tapping anywhere outside of the column causes the adorner to disappear.
  • IGGridViewColumnResizingActionPinch – Pinching a column causes the column to grow or shrink.
  • IGGridViewColumnResizingActionNone – Prohibits column resizing through the UI.

The IGGridViewDelegate has methods available for columns resized using the UI. These methods provide the column index, its old and new widths.

  • -(void)gridView:(IGGridView *)gridView resizeColumnAtIndex:(int) index withWidth:(IGColumnWidth *)newWidth;
  • -(void)gridView:(IGGridView *)gridView resizeFixedLeftColumnAtIndex:(int) index withWidth:(IGColumnWidth *)newWidth;
  • -(void)gridView:(IGGridView *)gridView resizeFixedRightColumnAtIndex:(int) index withWidth:(IGColumnWidth *)newWidth;

The following IGGridViewDataSource control’s methods are configurable to toggle on and off column resizing through the UI column resizing. These methods return a BOOL that instruct the IGGridView to either allow or disallow column resizing for a given column, or fixed column, at a particular index.

  • -(BOOL)gridView:(IGGridView *)gridView canResizeColumnAtIndex:(int)index;
  • -(BOOL)gridView:(IGGridView *)gridView canResizeFixedLeftColumnAtIndex:(int)index;
  • -(BOOL)gridView:(IGGridView *)gridView canResizeFixedRightColumnAtIndex:(int)index;

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