Enabling Infinite Scrolling
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This topic provides a conceptual overview of the IGGridView™ control’s infinite scrolling capabilities along with information on configuring it in the grid view.

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Infinite scrolling summary

Infinite scrolling allows the grid to scroll the contents of the IGGridView continuously, without the need to scroll back to the top or left most cell. To enable this functionality, an enumeration of type IGGridViewInfiniteScrolling must be set on the infiniteScrolling property, which provides support for the following infinite scrolling enumerations.

  • IGGridViewInfiniteScrollingNone (default) – Scrolling continues until reaching the end of bottom or right most cell
  • IGGridViewInfiniteScrollingHorizontal – Continuous scrolling to the left or right
  • IGGridViewInfiniteScrollingVertical – Continuous scrolling to the top or bottom
  • IGGridViewInfiniteScrollingBoth – Continuous scrolling in both horizontal and vertical directions

Limitations and requirements

When enabling the Infinite Scrolling feature the following limitations and requirements apply

  • Disables column, row, and cell reordering
  • Disables only the animation associated with inserting and deleting of rows, cells, and columns while still allowing you to insert and delete without the aid of visual animation
  • Using automatic column sizing on any column disables infinite scrolling
  • In order for infinite scrolling to work in a specific direction, the total width, height or both must be 1.5 times the viewport size. For example, an IGGridView with the size of 100px by 200px, would need a total column width equal to or greater than 150px, and the total of all row heights equal to or greater than 300px, for both vertical and horizontal infinite scrolling.

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