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Glossary Item Box

Infragistics® NucliOS™ 2014 Volume 1 provides the core controls you need to build high performance, highly visual iPad & iPhone applications. In this release, we include the following native Objective-C controls:

Barcode Renderer, featuring:

Bullet Graph, featuring:

Calendar, featuring:

Charts, featuring:

Flow Layout, featuring:

Funnel Chart, featuring:

Gauge, featuring:

Grid, featuring:

Label, featuring:

Linear Gauge, featuring:

Overlay, featuring:

Pie Chart, featuring:

Progress, featuring:

Range Selector, featuring:

Slide Tab, featuring:

Sparkline Chart, featuring:

Treemap, featuring:

Our iOS controls are built with performance and style in mind. They’re ideal for all Apple developers, whether you build mobile apps for the general consumer market or the enterprise.