Configuring Expandable Sections
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This topic provides an overview of configuring expandable sections on the IGGridView™ control.

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Expandable sections summary

Expandable sections are a data source helper feature that allows the expanding and collapsing of rows in a section. To enable this feature, set the allowSectionExpansion property, found on the IGGridViewDataSourceHelper instance, to YES. The subsequent illustration demonstrates expandable sections.

Section headers are an instance of IGGridViewSectionHeaderCell, which behaves like a UIButton when expanded. This type of cell has properties to programmatically interact with expandable sections.

  • expandable – determines whether or not the section header can expanded or collapsed through user interaction
  • expand – enlarges the rows of a section
  • collapse – diminishes the rows of a section
  • pressedBackgroundColor – section header color when tapping

When using the IGGridViewDataSource protocol instead of the data source helper, use the gridView:cellForSectionHeader: method for customizing the IGGridViewSectionHeaderCell. Additionally, the IGGridViewDataSource provides methods for managing a sections expansion and collapse.

  • gridView:sectionExpanded: - asks the data source if a particular section is expanded or collapsed, and is called whenever the updateData or reloadData method is invoked on the IGGridView
  • gridView:collapseSection: - invoked when the section header cell is instructed to collapse
  • gridView:expandSection: - invoked when the section header cell is instructed to expand

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