Enabling and Configuring the Shortcut Bar
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This topic provides a conceptual overview, with code, on enabling and configuring the shortcut bar on the IGGridView™ control.

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Adding the IG Framework File

This topic explains the requirements for adding the grid framework file to an Xcode project; a requirement for using the IGGridView™ control.

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Shortcut bar summary

The shortcut bar is a quick and easy way of navigating through a lot of data. Achieved by presenting a bar along the right side of the IGGridView for users to press the section name, navigating instantly to the section. To enable the shortcut bar, the IGGridViewDataSource protocol has 2 methods that must be implemented.

  • -(NSArray *)sectionIndexTitlesForGridView:(IGGridView *)gridView;
  • -(NSInteger)gridView:(IGGridView *)gridView sectionForSectionIndexTitle:(NSString *)title atIndex:(NSInteger)index;

The sectionIndexTitlesForGridView method provides an array of strings displayed in the shortcut bar. The second required method, sectionForSectionIndexTitle, tells the IGGridView what section it should navigate to when the following item is pressed on the shortcut bar.

The shortcut bar has additional properties found on the IGGridView that allow for further customization.

  • shortcutBarColor – background color of the shortcut bar.
  • shortcutBarColumnWidth – width of the shortcut bar column.
  • shortcutBarColumnBackgroundView – custom UIView to represent the background of the shortcut bar.

Implementation of the Shortcut Bar – Code Example


The following code implements the sectionIndexTitlesForGridView and sectionForSectionIndexTitle methods required for the shortcut bar. The shortcut bar contains the letters A through D (sectionIndexTitlesForGridView), and when the user presses a letter, the IGGridView navigates to the associated grid section (sectionForSectionIndexTitle).


In Objective-C:

- (NSArray *)sectionIndexTitlesForGridView:(IGGridView *)gridView
       return [NSArray arrayWithObjects:@"A", @"B", @"C", @"D", nil];
- (NSInteger)gridView:(IGGridView *)gridView sectionForSectionIndexTitle:(NSString *)title atIndex:(NSInteger)index
    return index;

In C#:

public override NSObject[] SectionIndexTitles(IGGridView gridView)
   return new NSObject[]{new NSString("A"), new NSString("B"), new NSString("C"), new NSString("D")};

public override int GetSectionForTitleAtIndex(IGGridView gridView, string title, int index)
   return index;

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