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This topic provides a conceptual overview of the supported themes available in the IGPieChartView™ control.

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Theme summary

Use chart themes to give a chart a consistent, color coordinated, look and feel. Simply set the IGPieChartView theme property to one of the predefined themes found in either the IGPieChartDefaultThemes or IGPieChartGradientThemes.

Theme types

The following table contains the supported themes and their associated type name.

Theme Name
















Creating a Custom Theme – Code Example


The following code creates a new IGPieChartThemeDefinition object and adds several IGChartPaletteItem objects to the slicePalettes collection found on the IGPieChartThemeDefinition.


In C#:

IGPieChartView pieChart = new IGPieChartView();
IGPieChartThemeDefinition def = new IGPieChartThemeDefinition();
def.Font = UIFont.FromName("Helvetica", 12);
def.FontColor = new IGBrush(0, 0, 0, 1);
def.BackgroundColor = UIColor.White;
def.LegendFont = UIFont.FromName("Helvetica", 12);
def.LegendFontColor = new IGBrush(0, 0, 0, 1);
def.LegendBorderThickness = 1;
def.LegendPalette = new IGChartPaletteItem();
def.LegendPalette.Color = new IGBrush(0.9f, 0.9f, 0.9f, 0.8f);
def.LegendPalette.OutlineColor = new IGBrush(0.7f, 0.7f, 0.7f, 1f);
IGChartPaletteItem item1 = new IGChartPaletteItem();
item1.OutlineColor = new IGBrush(0.69f, 0.75f, 0.79f, 1f);
item1.Color = new IGBrush(0.31f, 0.65f, 0.74f, 1f);
IGChartPaletteItem item2 = new IGChartPaletteItem();
item2.OutlineColor = new IGBrush(0.47f, 0.53f, 0.58f, 1f);
item2.Color = new IGBrush(0.98f, 0.40f, 0.33f, 1f);
IGChartPaletteItem item3 = new IGChartPaletteItem();
item3.OutlineColor = new IGBrush(0.31f, 0.38f, 0.42f, 1f);
item3.Color = new IGBrush(0.99f, 0.76f, 0.23f, 1f);
IGChartPaletteItem item4 = new IGChartPaletteItem();
item4.OutlineColor = new IGBrush(0.21f, 0.27f, 0.31f, 1f);
item4.Color = new IGBrush(0.23f, 0.39f, 0.6f, 1f);
IGChartPaletteItem item5 = new IGChartPaletteItem();
item5.OutlineColor = new IGBrush(0.08f, 0.17f, 0.23f, 1f);
item5.Color = new IGBrush(0.57f, 0.69f, 0.29f, 1f);
IGChartPaletteItem others = new IGChartPaletteItem();
others.OutlineColor = new IGBrush(0.50f, 0.50f, 0.50f, 1f);
others.Color = new IGBrush(0.33f, 0.05f, 1.0f, 1f);
def.OthersCategoryFont = UIFont.FromName("Helvetica", 12);
def.OthersCategoryFontColor = new IGBrush(0, 0, 0, 1);
def.OthersCategoryThickness = 1.0f;
def.OthersCategoryPalette = others;
IGChartPaletteItem selected = new IGChartPaletteItem();
selected.OutlineColor = new IGBrush(0.50f, 0.50f, 0.50f, 1f);
selected.Color = new IGBrush(0.16f, 0.81f, 1f, 1f);
def.SelectedFont = UIFont.FromName("Helvetica", 12);
def.SelectedFontColor = new IGBrush(0, 0, 0, 1);
def.SelectedThickness = 1.0f;
def.SelectedPalette = selected;
IGChartPaletteItem leaderLine = new IGChartPaletteItem();
leaderLine.OutlineColor = new IGBrush(0.10f, 0.10f, 0.10f, 1f);
leaderLine.Color = new IGBrush(0.10f, 0.10f, 0.10f, 1f);
def.LeaderLineThickness = 1.0f;
def.LeaderLinePalette = leaderLine;
pieChart.Theme = def;

In Objective-C:

    IGPieChartThemeDefinition *def = [[IGPieChartThemeDefinition alloc]init];
    def.font = [UIFont fontWithName:@"Helvetica" size:12];
    def.fontColor = [[IGBrush alloc] initWithR:0 andG:0 andB:0 andA:1];
    def.backgroundColor = [UIColor whiteColor];
    def.legendFont = [UIFont fontWithName:@"Helvetica" size:12];
    def.legendFontColor = [[IGBrush alloc] initWithR:0 andG:0 andB:0 andA:1];
    def.legendBorderThickness = 1;
    def.legendPalette = [[IGChartPaletteItem alloc]init];
    def.legendPalette.color = [[IGBrush alloc] initWithR:0.9 andG:0.9 andB:0.9 andA:0.8];
    def.legendPalette.outlineColor = [[IGBrush alloc] initWithR:0.7 andG:0.7 andB:0.7 andA:1];
    IGChartPaletteItem* item1 = [[IGChartPaletteItem alloc] init];
    item1.outlineColor = [[IGBrush alloc] initWithR:0.69 andG:0.75 andB:0.79 andA:1];
    item1.color = [[IGBrush alloc] initWithR:0.31 andG:0.65 andB:0.74 andA:1];
    [def.slicePalettes addObject:item1];
    IGChartPaletteItem* item2 = [[IGChartPaletteItem alloc] init];
    item2.outlineColor = [[IGBrush alloc] initWithR:0.47 andG:0.53 andB:0.58 andA:1];
    item2.color = [[IGBrush alloc] initWithR:0.98 andG:0.40 andB:0.33 andA:1];
    [def.slicePalettes addObject:item2];
    IGChartPaletteItem* item3 = [[IGChartPaletteItem alloc] init];
    item3.outlineColor = [[IGBrush alloc] initWithR:0.31 andG:0.38 andB:0.42 andA:1];
    item3.color = [[IGBrush alloc] initWithR:0.99 andG:0.76 andB:0.23 andA:1];
    [def.slicePalettes addObject:item3];
    IGChartPaletteItem* item4 = [[IGChartPaletteItem alloc] init];
    item4.outlineColor = [[IGBrush alloc] initWithR:0.21 andG:0.27 andB:0.31 andA:1];
    item4.color = [[IGBrush alloc] initWithR:0.23 andG:0.39 andB:0.6 andA:1];
    [def.slicePalettes addObject:item4];
    IGChartPaletteItem* item5 = [[IGChartPaletteItem alloc] init];
    item5.outlineColor = [[IGBrush alloc] initWithR:0.08 andG:0.17 andB:0.23 andA:1];
    item5.color = [[IGBrush alloc] initWithR:0.57 andG:0.69 andB:0.29 andA:1];
    [def.slicePalettes addObject:item5];
    IGChartPaletteItem* others = [[IGChartPaletteItem alloc] init];
    others.outlineColor = [[IGBrush alloc] initWithR:0.50 andG:0.50 andB:0.50 andA:1];
    others.color = [[IGBrush alloc] initWithR:0.33 andG:0.05 andB:1.0 andA:1];
    def.othersCategoryFont = [UIFont fontWithName:@"Helvetica" size:12];
    def.othersCategoryFontColor = [[IGBrush alloc] initWithR:0 andG:0 andB:0 andA:1];
    def.othersCategoryThickness = 1.0;
    def.othersCategoryPalette = others;
    IGChartPaletteItem* selected = [[IGChartPaletteItem alloc] init];
    selected.outlineColor = [[IGBrush alloc] initWithR:0.50 andG:0.50 andB:0.50 andA:1];
    selected.color = [[IGBrush alloc] initWithR:0.16 andG:0.81 andB:1 andA:1];
    def.selectedFont = [UIFont fontWithName:@"Helvetica" size:12];
    def.selectedFontColor = [[IGBrush alloc] initWithR:0 andG:0 andB:0 andA:1];
    def.selectedThickness = 1.0;
    def.selectedPalette = selected;
    IGChartPaletteItem* leaderLine = [[IGChartPaletteItem alloc] init];
    leaderLine.outlineColor = [[IGBrush alloc] initWithR:0.10 andG:0.10 andB:0.10 andA:1];
    leaderLine.color = [[IGBrush alloc] initWithR:0.10 andG:0.10 andB:0.10 andA:1];
    def.leaderLineThickness = 1.0;
    def.leaderLinePalette = leaderLine;    
pieChart.theme = def;

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