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This topic provides an introductory overview of the supported tree map layouts available in the IGTreemapView™ control.

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Layouts summary

There are different layout algorithms when it comes to displaying the tree map data. All algorithms have their advantages depending on the user’s needs. Some aim to obtain the best aspect ratio – the nodes are as close to rectangles as possible. Other algorithms aim to preserve the initial order of the elements – object which are close to each other in the data source are arranged near each other on the tree map.

To change the IGTreemapView’s layout, set the IGTreemapView layoutType property to one of the predefined layouts: IGTreemapLayoutTypeSliceAndDice, IGTreemapLayoutTypeSquarified, and IGTreemapLayoutTypeStrip. The default layout is IGTreemapLayoutTypeSquarified.

In C#:

IGTreemapView theTreemap = new IGTreemapView();
//configure the tree map...
theTreemap.LayoutType = IGTreemapLayoutTypeSliceAndDice;

In Objective-C:

IGTreemapView *theTreemap = [[IGTreemapView alloc] init];
//configure the tree map...
theTreemap.theme = IGTreemapLayoutType.IGTreemapLayoutTypeSliceAndDice;

Layout types

The following table contains the supported layout types with a preview.

Layout Type





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