IGGridViewHeaderCell Class Reference

Inherits from IGGridViewCellBase : UIView
Declared in IGGridViewCell.h


IGGridViewHeaderCell is the visual used to diplay cells in the header of the IGGridView.

The main display element of the header cell is the textLabel which can be used to display text for the cell.

To place other visuals in the header cell, you can derive from this class, and add custom display elements. You can then use the following selector of the IGGridViewDataSource to display your new cell. -(IGGridViewHeaderCell ) gridView:(IGGridView )gridView headerCellForRowAt:(int)column



Returns the label used for the main textual content of the header cell.

@property (nonatomic, readonly, retain) UILabel *textLabel


You can use this property to change styling options such as text color and text alignment

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+ createHeaderCell:

Helper method for creating a IGGridViewHeaderCell. Also applies the theme.

+ (IGGridViewHeaderCell *)createHeaderCell:(IGGridView *)gridView



The IGGridView that the cell will be displayed in.

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