Configuring Axis Titles
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This topic provides an introductory overview of configuring axis titles on the IGChartView™ control.

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Axis titles summary

Axis titles can be set on the X-axis and Y-axis through the title property found on the axis class instance. The title appearance can be customized through the following properties.
  • titleAngle – (double) rotation angle
  • titleFont - (UIFont) title font
  • titleTextColor – (IGBrush) text color
  • titleVisible – (BOOL) visibility of the title text
Note: When setting the labelsVisible property on the axis to NO both the axis labels and the title will be hidden.

In Objective-C:

_xAxis = [_chart findAxisByKey:@"x"];
_yAxis = [_chart findAxisByKey:@"y"];
_yAxis.title = @"Y Axis title";
_xAxis.title = @"X Axis title";
_yAxis.titleAngle = 45;
_yAxis.titleFont = [UIFont fontWithName:@"Helvetica" size:12];
_yAxis.titleTextColor = [[IGBrush alloc]initWithColor:[UIColor greenColor]];
_yAxis.titleVisible = YES;

In C#:

_xAxis = _chartView.FindAxisByKey ("x");_yAxis = _chartView.FindAxisByKey ("y");_yAxis.Title = "Y Axis title";_xAxis.Title = "X Axis title";_yAxis.TitleAngle = 45;_yAxis.TitleFont = UIFont.FromName ("Helvetica", 12);_yAxis.TitleTextColor = new IGBrush (UIColor.Green);_yAxis.TitleVisible = true;

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