Configuring Single Axis Zoom
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This topic provides a conceptual overview of configuring single axis zoom on the IGChartView™ control.

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Single axis zoom summary

Single axis zoom allows the IGChartView to restrict its zooming along either the vertical or horizontal axis. The IGChartView’s zoomDisplayType property can be set to one of the following IGChartZoom enumeration values.

  • IGChartZoomBoth - Default, allows zooming in both directions
  • IGChartZoomHorizontal – Allows horizontal zooming only
  • IGChartZoomVertical – Allows vertical zooming only
  • IGChartZoomNone – No zooming allowed

Additionally, the IGChartViewDelegate has two optional protocol methods when the chart has been zoomed or scrolled.

  • -(void)chartViewDidZoom:(IGChartView*)chartView;
  • -(void)chartViewDidScroll:(IGChartView*)chartView;

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