Animating Charts using the Motion Framework
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This topic provides a conceptual overview of the Motion Framework used in the IGChartView™ control.

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Motion Framework


The Motion Framework allows you to animate data changes over time in the IGChartView control allowing you to create an immersive animated user experience that, “tells the story” of your data.

Transitions between changes in series data points can be animated by setting the series transitionDuration property. This property accepts a float value representing, in seconds, the start-to-end animation timing. It is important to note; however, that setting the transitionDuration property does not initiate the animation.

The animation has to be initiated manually by calling one of these methods on the chart view based on the action taken.

Action Taken


Clear data source

-(void) clearItemsForDataSource:(id<IGSeriesDataSource>)source;

Add item

-(void) insertItemAtIndex:(int)index withSource:(id<IGSeriesDataSource>)source;

Remove item

-(void) removeItemAtIndex:(int)index withSource:(id<IGSeriesDataSource>)source;

Replace item

-(void) replaceItemAtIndex:(int)index withSource:(id<IGSeriesDataSource>)source;

Update item

-(void) updateItemAtIndex:(int)index withSource:(id<IGSeriesDataSource>)source;


The Motion Framework has the following limitation; if the range of an axis changes due to a change in the data change, then animation will no longer begin when calling one IGChartView’s Motion Framework methods.

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